Melbourne Extreme Metal Newcomers Release Monstrous EP ‘Hellxotica’

Melbourne extreme metal newcomers Larry Leadfoot release their monstrous EP ‘Hellxotica’. ‘Hellxotica’ creates a broader dimension and contrast in their music where the death metal gut-punch exists alongside some of the strongest material of bands of this ilk.

Treating their listeners to high-quality groove metal that is aggressive, melodic and engaging, ‘Hellxotica’ encapsulates the group’s signature blend of chugging riffs, brutal breakdowns and magnetic vocals which evoke the polished ferociousness of extreme metal legendaries such as Meshuggah. Steeped with deep melodic grooves and unhinged riffs bolstering Tama Makiiti’s guttural vocals cutting through the heaviness like shards of explosive power. 

Drummer Nicholas Parkinson comments “Writing of the first song to be written, Leviathan, began in a house in Hazelbrook in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney in 2008. Following the death of my father, I relocated to Waterloo in inner city Sydney with guitarist, Aaron, following me not long after. While both at audio college we met vocalist, Tama, and began writing the rest of the tunes in our shared warehouse. I received a small inheritance, which gave us the means to begin pre-production and recording at home. All pre-production for the drums was done in the Waterloo warehouse but the remainder of the EP was recorded (in chronological order) in Katoomba, Blackheath, Lithgow, Bondi Beach, and Eastlakes NSW. All in assorted lofts / bedrooms. It was then sent off to Sweden for mixing and mastering by Jocke Skog. Fans can expect a mix of death metal insanity and originality, plus a sprinkling of doom and Latin beats which makes for a searing brew of blackened black metallic blackness that is inspired by the hectic environment that we grew up in.”

Nick relocated to Melbourne and hooked up with guitarist/vocalist Daniel Phillip East, formerly of Melbourne psychestral rock outfit Artist Proof. After a string of shows along the East Coast including a performance at the Melbourne Wacken Metal Battle, Larry Leadfoot, forged a respected name for themselves as one of Melbourne’s finest extreme metal acts. With the release of ‘Hellxotica’, Larry Leadfoot are here to stamp their mark in the Heavy Music Realm.


Written, Produced and Recorded by Larry Leadfoot.
Cover by Nick Parkinson, Daniel Phillip East and Chris Mangos.
Photography by Daniel Phillip East and Mary Khey.
Stagnant ‘Leviathan’ Video by Nick Parkinson
‘Leviathan’ Lyric Video by John Kaimakamis, theNightwatchers
‘SWAB’ Visualiser & EP Trailer by Brandon Lloyd
Guitar, Bass, Synth, Electronics and Samples by Aaron White
Drums, Programming and Samples by Nick Parkinson
Vocals by Tama Makiiti 
Artwork by Marc Delano
Logo by Dan Norton


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