Melbourne Metal Soloist Release Brutal New Single ‘Victory’

Melbourne Soloist The Overcoming Project just dropped his crushing new single ‘Victory’ featuring world class musicians Mike Heller of Fear Factory & Jon Howard of Threat Signal. ‘Victory’ is a triumphant closer to the ‘Determination’ trilogy created as a cathartic release of personal trauma surrounding immigration, a Doctorate degree and Type I Diabetes.

Featuring a relentless & ominous mix of death & doom inspired riffage, spine shrinking breakdowns & fast paced grooves bolstering Howard’s dissonant growls, ‘Victory’ is sure to please even the most stubborn listeners. Exclusively premiered by Lambgoat, this track is a symbol of refusing to stagnate in the face of adversity & the soundscapes created here represent this with ferocity reminiscent of heavyweights such as Meshuggah and Killswitch Engage. 

“Victory is the best, most sincere and cathartic song that I have ever written” explains Dr Mike Trubetskov, “It came after a psychedelic event in which I faced the past trauma in full and crushed away its continuing impact. After this, my life resolved into finally securing a permanent visa in Australia – and further growth and success in general. Hence, Victory shows how the choice to move forward or stagnate is ultimately and only yours.”

Though new to the scene, The Overcoming Project has already made some considerable waves in the eyes of fans and industry professionals alike. Their current and previous body of work has been garnering global coverage and airplay with features on Metalsucks, Bravewords, Heavy Mag,Lambgoat,Ultimate Guitar, Hysteria Mag, Total Rock Radio & more. With the release of ‘Victory’ bringing the ‘Determination’ trilogy to a satisfying close, we can’t wait to see what’s next for The Overcoming Project. 

‘Victory’ is out now via


Drums by Mike Heller, Fear Factory
Vocals by Jon Howard, Threat Signal
Bass by Sergei “Efes” Fomin, FS Projekt
Songwriting, Guitars, Recording, Production & Mixing by Dr. Mike Trubetskov
Mastering by Tony Jack The Bear Mantz
Artwork & Video by Andy Pilkington
Photography by Odin Imaging


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