Melbourne prog/alt-metal giants Circles deliver new track “Dig”, alongside announcement of their EP The Stories We Are Afraid Of | Vol 1

Melbourne’s alt metal titans Circles deliver the pinnacle of Australian progressive metal with their new single ‘Dig’. Illustrating this next chapter via Wild Thing Records on September 14, they are also announcing and starting pre-orders for their long-awaited EP – ‘The Stories We Are Afraid Of | Vol. 1’.
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‘The Stories We Are Afraid Of | Vol. 1’ is the first installment of an epic two-part EP, following Circles sophomore record, ‘The Last One’, which garnered international recognition and domestic success (#4 TheMusic’s Album of the Year 2018, #3 AIR Independent Albums). The progressive giants continue to lead the path of the international djent movement with their upcoming release, furthering the incorporation of shimmering wavering pads, belting breakdowns and propelling percussion. 

The next installment of ‘The Stories We Are Afraid Of’ continues on where ‘Sleepwalking’ left off, portraying the process of piecing together existentialism and identity to rekindle a strong connection with oneself, which had previously dwindled to a flicker. ‘Sleepwalking’ encompasses the realization of the cathartic state and ‘Dig’ marks the first steps towards change, leaving four more tracks to shape the meaning of the EP. Frontman Ben Rechter states:

The overarching theme of Vol.1 is one of a loss of identity and purpose, and trying to recapture a sense of wonder and passion for life that was once a core part of you. Musically, we went into these writing sessions with a focus on being more direct than on previous albums, steering away from crowding songs with heaps of different riffs for the sake of having more riffs that we personally like in there.

Breaking through the glass cage of locked-down Melbourne, Circles continue their push into a new erawith their dynamic driving single ‘Dig’. Delegating their energy into their return, Circles follow up on their latest single, ‘Sleepwalking‘, and an Australian tour presented by Destroy All Lines and Wild Thing Presents. As one of Australia’s most successful international prog experts, Circles demonstrates their decade of experience in ‘Dig’ with textured guitar riffs, high-octane drumming and potent, powerful vocals.

Shining through the sandstorm of modern metal, ‘Dig’ delivers dreamy delayed guitars, dynamic ancillary percussion and a massive metal spine built on the imperishableness of Rechter’s lead vocals. The culmination of powerful breakdowns, serrated guitar riffs and surreal pads leaves you choking on every breath before the final breakdown–the apex of ‘Dig’.

‘Sleepwalking’ narrated the feelings of regret and hopelessness in time wasted, unable to action the changes to move out of the negative-feedback loop towards what you’re searching for. ‘Dig’ marks the first steps taken to enforce this change in your life. Instead of living in the hole of complacency and familiar surroundings, ‘Dig’ is about battling the mind to muster up the strength and rise through the grit of one’s metaphorical grave, even if this is only finding motivation to leave the house.

Rechter speaks on the theme behind ‘Dig‘:
Thisis all about those first steps out of that dark hole. Your mind fights against you, and everything feels like it’s not going to work, but it’s not necessarily about success, at least not in the beginning. It’s about starting to change what you need to change, even if on the first day, all you can do is make sure you step outside and see the sun.

Dig‘ was mastered by Luke Cinacotta (Karnivool) and mixed and produced by Circle’s own Ted Furuhashi, showcasing his prior experience on Twelve Foot Ninja’s debut album – Silent Machine.

Concluding their successful Australian ‘Sleepwalking’ Tour (Destroy All Lines and Wild Thing Presents) in early September, Circles have already reignited their loyal Australian fanbase and left their international community cut and craving. Prior touring history across Australia and Europe with TesseracT, Periphery, Opeth, Fear Factory, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Twelve Foot Ninja cement the veterans’ place as one of Australia’s quintessential prog/alt metal mainstays. 

‘The Last One’ (2018) landed #3 on Australia’s AIR Independent Albums, #47 ARIA Digital Albums, #4 TheMusic’s Album Of The Year (Writers’ Poll), and reached close to 3 Million Spotify streams worldwide.

“Circles have crafted a modern progressive tapestry with plenty of wider appeal”
(Metal Hammer – UK) [About ‘The Last One’ Album]

“The Last One gets better with every listen. Circles are a class act”
(HEAVY Magazine – AU) [About ‘The Last One’ Album]

“…an outstanding – crafted record the redefines the band’s sound…adding up to something ultimately undeniable.”
(Heavy Blog Is Heavy – USA) [About ‘The Last One’ Album]

“This band in a live setting are an absolute tour de force..they’re one of Australia’s most impressive live bands”
(TheMusic – AU)

“Boasting one of the tightest and tumultuous live sets in town right now, there’s little doubt as to why this cutting-edge Melbourne quartet demand ongoing critical acclaim wherever they tread.” 
(The Soundcheck – AU)

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