Melodic progressive metal artist NOEL HUSSER releases a music video featuring the title track for his upcoming EP, the ambitious “BEYOND.”  Building upon everything he accomplished with previous releases, the EP features a more expansive and epic path but even darker in tone.  The title track is a sprawling example of the progressive structures in the EP,  built with heavy, metal based riffs that collide with a somber, Gothic atmosphere.  

NOEL HUSSER is a multi-instrumentalist and music enthusiast from Munich, Germany.  His passion extends to all types of music genres and he provides bass for alternative rock band LEAVING CAROLINE.  NOEL spills out his heart through his solo works,  the music and lyrics often driven by thoughts of doubt and the difficulty of finding oneself among the daily routines of life.  

The video for “BEYOND” embraces an animation style that is as vibrant and imaginative as the song itself.  The colorful visuals are aesthetically pleasing and adventurous, perfectly matching the lyrics and music that it represents.

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