Melodic Tech-Death Band ANOMALY Release ‘On The Cursed Wings of Stolas’ EP

Milwaukee (WI) – ANOMALY returns to space to bring you three songs of Melodic Technical Death Metal! A dynamic new EP, On The Cursed Wings of Stolas,is out now!

Purchase and streaming options are below!

On The Cursed Wings of Stolas follows 2022’s Somewhere Within the Pines and 2021 debut album Planet Storm.

Track Listing:

1. On the Cursed Wings of Stolas
2. Beyond the Kardashev Scale
3. Architect

Recording, Mixing, and Mastering by Ryan Kutz at Cherry Pit Studios  

EP Line-Up:

Neil Tidquist: Guitar/Vocals
Mary Beers: Keys/Electronics 
John Ibarra: Guitar
Dan Stachowiak: Bass
Duane Timlin: Drums
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