With their hard-hitting, aggressive single “2025”, released today, on 11/02/2021, the German Death Metal band MESENTERY, newly formed after a break of almost ten years, shows a world plagued by war, with countries that only care about their own advantage to exploit them, until they fall into the abyss. “2025” is the second single after “The Time Before Death” taken from the combative new album “Soulfucker” to be released on February 11, 2022, via Dr. Music Records. The threatening apocalyptic vision manifests itself especially in the martial hybrid of music and lyric video produced by Very Metal Art designer Andy Pilkington (Orden Ogan, Judas Priest, Motörhead), where tanks and soldiers march into the final battle, whipped up by angry vocals. With their mixture of Death Metal, Thrash as well as other Extreme Metal influences, the musicians from the Hamburg area hammer inject fresh life into their band. Between hard old-school riffs, brutal grooves and harmonious melody peaks, diabolic suspense is built up. “Soulfucker” has been recorded at the legendary Chameleon Recording Studio Hamburg, featuring mastermind Marcel Braun on vocals, guitar and bass and Eryc Botz on drums. Produced by Eike O. Freese (Helloween, Alice Cooper, Heaven Shall Burn), the album is defined by anger and pain about the misbehavior of society. This manifests itself, especially in the title theme, which is based on the unsparing biography “Seelenficker”, where the author using the pseudonym Natascha traces her relentless, unprettified time on drug-related prostitution and as a crystal meth addict. But now MESENTERY first open fire in the vicious, straightforward lyric video for the single “2025”: https://youtu.be/CcqVDg0yhto

MESENTERY’s second Heavy Death Metal single “2025” is available now just like “The Time Before Death” at e.g. these digital download stores and streaming services: Amazon (DE) | Amazon (US)Spotify | Apple Music & iTunes | Deezer | Tidal |  YouTube Music

MESENTERY were founded in 1992 by Marcel Braun and Carsten Pickbrenner and joined shortly after by guitarist Florian Triska, bass player Boris Stellmann and shouter Christian Busch. In the year 2000, after three demos, the debut album “Blood Rain” was released, as well as later the EPs “Slaves” and “Bound Windows” via Low Records. Together they played numerous shows and toured with the Chilean Death Thrash underground cult band Undercroft. After the tragic death of ist Boris Stellmann in 2014, the friends initially put the band on hold and devoted themselves to other projects. But over the years, MESENTERY were not out of the bandleader’s mind and so he awoke his formation from the icy, deep sleep two years ago. Initially, he continued developing the sound on his own and created the new Death Metal album “Soulfucker” quite single-handedly. In the meantime, he convinced his old bandmates Florian Triska and Carsten Pickbrenner to bring MESENTERY back on stage with a full line-up. The ten songs with their mixture of Death Metal, Thrash as well as other Extreme Metal influences literally scream scream for their baptism of fire in the clubs. Between hard old-school riffs, brutal grooves and harmonious melody peaks, diabolic suspense is built up. The album’s lyrics are a warning and depict with full harshness and mercilessness what is going on in our sick, self-centered and greedy society. “Soulfucker” is a treat for underground Death Metal maniacs with its aggressive attitude, the exciting and drastic title theme as well as socio-critical lyrics, not only instrumentally.

Those who want to know more about MESENTERY and their furious new Death Metal album “Soulfucker” now should follow the sinister path to www.mesentery.de followed by www.facebook.com/mesenterymetal and www.instagram.com/mesentery_band. Alternatively, there are also other interesting facts about the band from the Hamburg area to read at www.dr-music-promotion.de.


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