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Messer, the dynamic rock band known for their evocative melodies and powerful anthems, has launched their latest single titled “Lay Down Your Heart.” Available now on all major music platforms, this heartfelt track is set to be featured on the upcoming MESSER Deluxe Edition Album, slated for release on March 15, 2024, in Dolby Atmos.

In conjunction with the single’s debut, Messer has revealed the official music video, offering fans a visually compelling accompaniment that enhances the song’s emotional resonance.

“Lay Down Your Heart” delves deep into the themes of reconciliation, healing, and the journey towards overcoming seemingly insurmountable differences. Penned from a deeply personal perspective, the song reflects on the regret and struggle experienced after words are spoken that one wishes they could retract.

Bassist, Maddox Messer, shared insights into the inspiration behind the song: “This song is about the struggle and regret of saying things that you wish you could take back in personal relationships. It embodies the pain and the process of moving forward, transcending heartache to rise above it. As we immersed ourselves in the music, it became evident that the message extends beyond individual relationships. It speaks to the larger context of unity among family, friends, and society. ‘Lay Down Your Heart’ resonates with the collective need for change and the acknowledgment that both sides often regret words and actions.”

Messer’s ability to encapsulate raw emotion within their music has resonated with audiences, making their releases highly anticipated events. The band’s commitment to authenticity and relatable storytelling continues to solidify their place within the rock music landscape.

Messer is:
Dereak Messer, Lead Vocals
Bobby Tillotson, Guitar/Vocals
Kenn Youngar, Drums/Vocals
Maddox Messer, Bass/ Vocals

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