Metal Heroes  online II

 GW productions and Killsound productions in collaboration present this amazing online  festival with great bands from all over  the world.
The purpose  of the festival  it’s a big union between countries and combination of the different kind of metal genres, no divisions.
With big names and new projects as CRS, Savanth, Hada de Beng, Rithiya Khiev, Parazit and more.
The festival will be on December 4th and 5th, 2020, will have a lot of metal intensity. 
Metal heroes online II bring and support  many groups with women like: IOG, Young lust, la cattrina, la leyenda de Eva and many more.

YouTube channel:
Fb event:

And the list of bands will  give life and power to the Fest are:
SCURYTALES – Thrash/Death Metal – San Luis Potosí/Mex
La leyenda de Eva – Folk Metal – Zacatecas/Mex
Cigarette Band – Hard Rock/Heavy Metal – San Luis Potosí/Mex
Nexoasis – Post Grunge/Rock Alternative – Valencia/Venezuela
Getcha’ PULL – Hard Rock/Groove Metal – Guanajuato/Mex 
BAGHEERA – Melodic Death Metal – San Luis Potosí/Mex
DØGMA – Heavy Metal – San Luis Potosí/Mex
Godless In Grace – Metalcore/Nu Metal/Rock/Blues – Oruro/Bolivia
The Hero’s Rise – Post-Hardcore/Metalcore – Querétaro/Mex 
Miniatures – Progressive/Death Metal – Aguascalientes/Mex 
Arturo Ocampo Music – Classic Rock/Heavy/Power Metal – Tijuana/Mex
Enertron – Instrumental/Progressive/Fusion/Djent – Tulancingo Hidalgo/Mexico
Fecalator Mexico – Porno Grind Gore – Orizaba Veracruz/Mex 
Aisandband – Rock – Caracas/Venezuela
Hada de Beng  – Rock  – Ciudad de México/Mex 
Next – Metal Mexicano – Nezahualcoyótl, State of Mexico 
Alma Eterna – Metal – Potosí/Bolivia
Crs Band – Death Metal – Obregón, Sonora/Mex
Parazit – Instrumental – Guadalajara, Jalisco/Mex 
Rithiya Khiev – Solo Artist – Epic/Symphonic/Progressive/Instrumental Metal – Boston/US
Alexx Mattey and the Freak Show – Rock/Industrial/Metal – Venezuela/US 
Dräven – Gothic Rock/Metal Industrial – Barcelona/Spain 
Berzerk- Metalcore – Tijuana/Mex 
Back Argentina – Hard Rock – Salta/Argentina
She No More – Hard Rock/Metal – state of Mexico /Mex 
Sefirot – Metal Melódico – Santiago del Estero/Argentina
La Cattrina – Folk Metal/Mexican folk metal  – Ciudad de México/Mex 
Sotako Anime Rock Band – JRock/Anime – San Luis Potosí/Mex
Rebel – Power Metal – Budapest/Hungary 
Red Calling – Hard Rock/Metal – Tampa, Florida/USA
Victory Or Death – Metalcore/Metal – Burzaco/Argentina
Young Lust – Hard Rock – Monterrey/Mex
Postnecrum – Symphonic Black Metal – Zacatecas/Mex
SilentEnd – Melodic Thrash Metal – Monterrey/Mex
The Outsider – Avant-Garde Symphonic  Extreme Metal – Mexico City /Mex 
Hada de Beng Official -fusion – Mexico City /Mex 
Savanth – Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal – San Luis Potosí/Mex
Corners of Sanctuary – New Wave of Traditional American Heavy Metal – Philadelphia/US
Illusions Of Grandeur- Theatrical Hard Rock – Philadelphia/Lancaster Pensilvania/US 


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