Metalcore Powerhouse SPACE OF VARIATIONS Reveals Vivid New Single
“vein.mp3” + Music Video 
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New Album, IMAGO, out March 18, 2022 via Napalm Records
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[Photo Credit: Arina Kasatkina]

Unstoppable Ukrainian metalcore unit SPACE OF VARIATIONS drifts off into distant universes with their second single “vein.mp3”, taken from their upcoming full-length, IMAGO (out March 18 via Napalm Records). Like a bestial alien, “vein.mp3” goes wild with shattering drums, thudding bass, heavily distorted guitars and evil screams. Following first single “SOMEONE ELSE”“vein.mp3” provides another varied taste of what’s to come on IMAGOand the band’s live attack, as witnessed during their previous performances with modern metal giants JINJER across Europe. Beware of this musical demon named SPACE OF VARIATIONS!

SPACE OF VARIATIONS Singer Dima on “vein.mp3”:
“We are a by-product of our systems and concepts. Slaves of micro worlds. Fragile eyewitnesses of our own strength and weakness. We find each other and lose ourselves in someone, watching how beautiful becomes disgusting. From the dense darkness we reach for the light. This is how we feel about this song. This is probably what you feel sometimes.”

SPACE OF VARIATIONS crushes the confines of modern metal with addictive IMAGO! 

Furiously crashing opener “SOMEONE ELSE” sets free the uncompromising spirit of SPACE OF VARIATIONS – instantly breaking down genres and placing a forceful exclamation mark at the start with smashing instrumentation and a feverish vocal and lyrical assault by Dmytro Kozhukhar and Olexii Zatserkovnyi. Devastatingly heavy “1M followers” takes no prisoners from the first second and features a hefty appearance from former Asking Alexandria vocalist Denis Stoff, resulting in a fearless, addictive metalcore banger. Tracks like eponymous “IMAGO” and intense mid-tempo “Serial Killer” emphasize the multifaceted nature of SPACE OF VARIATIONS with sporadically scaled-back instrumentation and emotion turned to 10. On the contrary, previously released penultimate post-hardcore dystopia “Ultrabeat” delivers bone-crushing beats and is by far no stranger to the band’s devotees. Closing with an insane verse from Ukrainian rap sensation ALYONA ALYONA, the track undeniably marks a milestone in the unit’s soon-to-be revered history while representing the seething desire to expand all limits of songwriting and creativity. This mindset embodies SPACE OF VARIATIONS and their sonically boggling ode to the future, IMAGO.

“The main symbolism of the album is hidden in its title – IMAGO. In entomology, imago is the last stage an insect attains during its metamorphosis. In psychology, it’s one of the fundamental concepts, an unconscious mental image a person has of himself, other objects of reality and his blood ties through the prism of his perception. As an insect breaks through the shell of a chrysalis to free itself from the protective cocoon surrounding it, you, too, through inner transformation can really become the new being, which, in fact, you were always meant to be. Imago = new stage, Imago = maturation.

Only in retrospect can one see the imago, which was previously hidden in the shadows. The future is being prepared in the bosom of the past and the present. Imago is the most complete convergence with yourself that can only happen. With this album, 
SPACE OF VARIATIONS are definitely moving to a new round of self-development as a creative organism.”


Catch SPACE OF VARIATIONS live on tour in Europe!

IMAGO Tour 2022
22.04 UA – VINNYTSIA / Zorya
23.04 UA – KYIV / Beletage
29.04 UA – ODESA / Louder Hub
30.04 UA – DNIPRO / Makhno
01.05 UA – KHARKIV / Victory Hall
05.05 UA – LVIV / !FestRepublic
19.05. CZ – OSTRAVA / Barrák
21.05. CZ – BUDWEIS / Fabrika
22.05. CZ – BRNO / Melodka
23.05. CZ – PRAGUE / Rock Café
24.05. CZ – PILSEN / Pod Lampou

Dmytro Kozhukhar – vocals
Olexii Zatserkovnyi – guitar, vocals
Anton Kasatkin – bass
Tymofii Kasatkin – drums

Napalm Records


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