Country: Poland/Ukraine

Release: “Metal is Forged Here”

Release date 2022-02-13

Format: CD, digipack

Label: Metallurg Music

Genre: Metal

Metallurg Music the Polish/Ukraine Record Label and Agency is turning 13th years this year, to celebrate this milestone the Agency decided to release and Compilation CD “Metal Is Forged Here” on February 13th digital via there Bandcamp page and YouTube channel. And also, there will be a physical version available with T-Shirt or Poster which can be order here:

The compilation will pack with amazing bands from all over the world: Australia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom and USA. Also, the CD will be for fans of all kind Metal and their sub-genre from Blues Rock, Melodic Metal, Alternative Rock, Thrash, Death, Black, Doom to Nu Metal.

Description about tracks and more info about bands you can find:


  1. Mental Torment – Black
  2. Stealth –The Fake New(s) World
  3. Tempest Rising – Kingdom
  4. Riff Action Family –Push the FuckButton
  5. Dying Vision – Horrifying Pattern of the Mind
  6. AdvorsA–Unutterable Hideousness
  7. Minneriket–SorgogSavn
  8. Curse of Eibon – Whispers in the Dark
  9. Sullen Guest – Come With Me
  10. Chris Maragoth – Tales of My Demise
  11. Mario Rossi – Nemesis 
  12. Neptune –Fallen Nations
  13. Artwork for the Blind – The First Supper
  14. Still Runners – Messed Up
  15. Freakshow – Built 4 This Shit 
  16. Nihilum – Sunless Death

Get Metal Is Forged Here digital from February 13th, 2022 on Bandcamp here:  or on YouTube here: 

To order CD, T-shirt or Poster:


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