Mick Blankenship, the American rock artist, producer, songwriter, musician, and multi-instrumentalist released his new single “My Dark Sorrow” to all digital outlets.

“My Dark Sorrow” can be Streamed/Downloaded at www.mickblankenship.com

or iTunes, Spotify, Amazon

“My Dark Sorrow is a very real perspective of the dark side of your mind and suicide ideation. A glimpse into something that so many deal with but are too uncomfortable to talk about. The haunting of dark memories and realization of mortality that can lead us into a feeling of hopelessness and despair. I wrote this song to express a very real battle that mere words could never describe. My hope is to let those who struggle know they are not alone. I am with you. That we all get choices and that suicide can never end the pain, it only ends the possibility of it ever getting any better. The fight must go on!” says Mick.

Mick Blankenship – My Dark Sorrow [Official Music Video]

Mick released the official music video for the song “Rule the World” from the album Madness in the Shadows in August of 2020. The video can be seen here:

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