Mirror ‘Pyramid Of Terror’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Bad Omen Records/Heavy Metal

Mirror managed to sneak their way into the metal scene back in 2015 with in hindsight, one of the best heavy metal albums of the year, as the Cypriot band managed to effortlessly blended classic heavy metal sound in with the more melodic hard rock sensibilities of the 1970’s. Yet, since this release, four years have passed and sadly, the metal world almost entirely forgot that Mirror had placed a tiny flag in the heavy metal soil. Thankfully, Mirror haven’t been gone too long and this year, the Cyprus based band return to consolidate their position with their second album ‘Pyramid of Terror’.

With ‘Pyramid…’, Mirror take what they had done with debut the album and crank it up to 11; this is an album full of brazen 70’s style guitar riffs courtesy of Nikolas Moutafis and impressive vocal deliveries from Jimmy Mavrommatis. This gives ‘Pyramid…’ a rather large Uli Jon Roth era Scorpions feel, yes this album is a classically ‘heavy’ album, but also it does that have that psychedelic edge which was prolific in that era, meaning that tracks such as ‘Secrets of Time’, ‘Black Magic Tower’ and the title track stand out as nothing short of excellent. Yet, it is the track ‘Running From The Law’ which is a blistering piece of proto-heavy metal which containing all the elements of David Byron era Uriah Heep in their prime.

Unfortunately, this album will not set the world alight and it will slip out stealthily and barely noticed; but to ignore this album will be a mistake; ‘Pyramid…’ is a fantastic album of enjoyable heavy metal that does not deserves to be ignored.

Rating : 84/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


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