Mork ‘Det Svarte Juv’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Peaceville Records/Black Metal

Formed as the brainchild of one man, Thomas Eriksen, Mork have delivered a string of albums that have all been very warmly received. It is coming up to two years since the Norwegian black metal band released any work, but this year sees Mork deliver their fourth studio album ‘Det Svarte Juv’

As expected, ‘Det Svarte Juv’ continues the Mork trend of releasing subversive black metal with Eriksen once again showing that although he may be an underdog within the scene; he is more than capable of releasing works of art that are proficient enough to stand alongside the bands that spring to mind when discussing Norwegian black metal. What listeners will find here are excellent black metal growls juxtaposed with melodic singing, all painted against the backdrop of rhythmic drumming and rapid-fire guitars delivered against a decent production that gives the illusion of a mid-90’s lo-fi recording. Therefore, this album has all the appeal of Taake and Satyricon, but also of Darkthrone in their prime with tracks such as ‘I Flammens Favn’, ‘Skarpretterens øks’, ‘På Tvers Av Tidene’ and the colossal title track standing out as more than impressive. Although, these songs are just the tip of the black metal iceberg, they are able to pull the listener in and allow them to explore ‘Det Svarte Juv’ to its full capacity and find the many layers hidden within this album.

‘Det Svarte Juv’ can easily stand on its own and be thoroughly enjoyed. Sure, this album may not make the same waves that other black metal bands will make, but ultimately who cares? For those who pick up this album, they will not be disappointed and for those intrigued by it, take the punt, it is sincerely worth every penny.

Rating : 86/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


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