The Stoner Metal power trio MORNING STORM, from Santa Catarina, Brazil, that makes an authorial sound incorporating the weight of Thrash Metal and Hardcore, with the energy of Punk Rock and even the dirt of Grunge, released in late January the second EP of their career, entitled “Failed Attempt To Do Something Good” on all digital platforms.

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Formed in 2015, in the city of Blumenau, Santa Catarina/Brazil, by Rian Rau(vocals/guitar), Guilherme Pino (bass) and Danilo Fagundes (drums), the band manages to exquisitely unite the intensity of heavy, dirty and dense guitar riffs, with high doses of groove, psychedelia and adrenaline because of their influences and references from bands like PanteraAnthraxSuicidal TendenciesDownSepulturaCorrosion Of ConformityRatos de PorãoNOFXFace To Face, among others.

The viscerality of MORNING STORM is not only based on the harmony of their sound, because, in addition, their lyrics also address subjects from daily situations, social criticism, politics and reports of personal experiences of the members, such as, for example, the dark side of the human being, vulnerabilities and rebellions.

“Failed Attempt To Do Something Good”, which contains the tracks “The Witch Has Saw”“Bizarre Love Story” and “Anymore” in a kind of protest story, was recorded, mixed and mastered at Digi Studio(@digistudioblumenau), in Blumenau, Santa Catarina/Brazil, and produced by the band with producer Victor Nunes (@victornunesdaseducao).

The first single from this release was “The Witch Has Saw”, released in October 2022 as an animated music video by Gustavo Felipe, a 12-year-old animation expert and fan of the band, on Morning Storm’s official Youtube channel.

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Editing and Animation by Gustavo Felipe (Detetive Batata Channel) (@detetivebatata)

“This new EP, in terms of sound, is a little different from how we did the first one, because we went into the studio more focused on composing and recording three tracks for a full release, and not spaced to be released as standalone singles. We even participated more actively in the production with Victor Nunes, where together we studied all the types of sound that each one of us wanted for our instruments”, commented Guilherme Pino.

“After we found our timbres, we did a few experiments, because we wanted to keep our sonority more directed at Stoner, without losing the punch in relation to our first EP, all this exposing even more of our influences as musicians. The fabulous help of our producer Victor was extremely important, because he was able to play all our ideas of sound for the technical part, which we could never have done alone. We are very happy with the result, our timbres, the dirtiness we managed to put in the songs without sounding like any other band of the style, everything really conspired to make this work sound honest and for me as a fan, I liked it a lot”, concluded Rian Rau.


“Blood Is The Message” (Single/2016)
“Scars On My Face” (Single/2017)
“Masks” (Single/2018)
“Wrong” (Single/2019)
“Dark Side” (Single/2020)
“Dark Side” (EP/2020)
“The Witch Has Saw” (Single/2022)
“Failed Attempt To Do Something Good” (EP/2023)

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Pictures by Henrique Kuen Silva (@capturee_photography)


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