Motivo Fútil emerged in Brazil in 2015 and went through some changes until reaching the current power trio formation with Ygor on guitar, Federico on drums and Edson on bass and vocals.

The band brings a heavy and raw rock, but with a strong influence of the 80’s and 90’s not only in its sound, but mainly in the messages of the lyrics. According to the band: “despite having various influences, we try to be as original as possible, in our own way and with our feet on the ground”.

The new work song is Inconfusível, which talks a bit about the hometown of the band Cerquilho (interior of São Paulo – Brazil) which is a city known for its carnivals. He talks about reunions, which usually take place at the city’s carnivals. And he also talks about the longing for the loss of some people due to COVID and that they will not be at the next carnival.

Listen now Inconfundible:

The Band:

Ygor: Guitar
Federico: Battery
Edson: bass/voice



Disturbingly Good


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