Mourning Veil, the melancholic and raw blackened death metal band from the USA, is proud to announce the release of their second studio album “Heresy Code”. This new offering emerges as a significant progression from their debut album, 2022’s “Communion”. This latest work promises to deliver an aggressive, and brutal listening experience suitable for all fans of extreme metal. The band comments on the release:

“The album is a soundscape that reaches from the classical guitar to gravity blast beats, filled with intricate riffs and searing solos of both the guitar and bass variety, topped with unrelenting vocals and cemented with a precise and intuitive drum performance. The album title says it all, with themes of war, power, control, subversion, and heresy.”

Across ten tracks, Mourning Veil delivers black, thrash, and melodic metal structures that encompass their technical prowess and showcase themes like questioning authority, the relentless nature of human bloodlust, and the consequences of forced ideology.

Formed in 2022 by Blake Lamoureux and Steven Sorensen, Mourning Veil has quickly established a formidable presence in the metal scene. The current lineup features Blake Lamoureux (Bass/Vocals), Steven Sorensen (Drums), Ryan Dillon (Guitars), and Maxim van Klinken (Guitars). With Blake based in Des Moines, IA, and the rest of the band in Omaha, NE, their collaborative effort transcends distance, bringing a unified and dynamic sound to “Heresy Code”. It is recommended for fans of Behemoth, Belphegor, and Carach Angren.

Album Full Stream 

Lyric Video – Before The Clutches

Dual Guitar Playthrough – Closing In

Album order –
Spotify –

Track Listing
1. Gnostic Deceiver – (0:00 – 4:32)
2. Lethal Intentions – (4:32 – 7:57)
3. Feast Of Malice – (7:57 – 13:11)
4. Closing In – (13:11 – 18:24)
5. Psychogenic Death – (18:24 – 22:44)
6. Heresy Code – (22:44 – 27:00)
7. Before The Clutches – (27:00 – 31:25)
8. Conspirators Of Atrocity I: Faceless – (31:25 – 36:05)
9. Conspirators Of Atrocity II: Nameless – (36:05 – 40:21)
10. Conspirators Of Atrocity III: Shameless – (40:21 – 43:57)

Album Band Line Up:
Blake Lamoureux – Bass/Vocals
Steven Sorenson – Drums
Ryan Dillon – Guitars
Maxim van Klinken – Guitars

Live Band Line Up:
Blake Lamoureux – Bass/Vocals
Steven Sorenson – Drums
Ryan Dillon – guitars
Maxim van Klinken – Guitars

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