Swedish Rock project NarreN has signed with Wormholedeath a licensing deal for the album “Aura” due for digital release on 17 09 2021.

1. Intro 

2. As a sail (feat. Dzmitry – Synaxaria)

3. Height (feat. ERIA)

4. Roses & Thorns

5. Love

6. Rise

7. The Lovers

8. Other side

9. The last poem – Alexey Rybnikov Cover

10. This is not California

11. Cool vibes – Vanilla Ninja Live Cover

To celebrate the occasion, NarreN drops 

the single & video to the track “The Lovers”

“The Lovers” single is available on all digital platforms HERE

Narren – is swedish for joker / fool. But by analogy with the Tarot card “The Fool”, it means a person who commits crazy acts and steps into the unknown, while everyone tells him that he is doing something stupid and unreasonable and that he is going to lose. But only a brave madman who believes in his crazy unrealistic ideas, can turn a dream into reality.

My name is Maria Eriksson and all my life I have been acting like that madman from the Tarot card. I am losing a lot, but In the end I am gaining something more. The name of my project fully embodies what I am.

Fifteen years ago I quit a good job and moved to another country. To Sweden, where I had nothing. This is where my maternal ancestors were from. I was born in Belarus, but I never felt that this country is my home. But Sweden is.

I have been writing music since I was four years old and even back then I realized that I wanted to move my life with music. For me, the main thing is melody and individuality. I have tried my whole life to achieve uniqueness in sound. I love rock, metal, pop, folk and retro sound, which is what I try to combine in my music.

By now I am the only constant member of the band. I work  since 2020 with Djuha Tsvibel. Most of the songs is written and produced by me.


Disturbingly Good


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