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Nathan James released nu-metal single “SEX DOLL” to all major platforms!

“When I wrote “SEX DOLL” I was thinking about how people can easily be manipulated into believing false truths. But, the beauty of this Nu-Metal song is it can be interpreted based on the imagination of the listener. For me, SEX DOLL is a metaphor. The music video highlights the beauty in dark art and aesthetics. It also accepts individuality across straight and LGBTQ communities. The song and music video welcomes diversity across people and sexualities” says Nathan James.

“SEX DOLL” will receive strong support from Spotify, Apple Music, & YouTube Music.

Nathan James is an independent artist who is a “Photographer Rockstar.” Nathan stands for the popular outcast with a goal to turn all life experiences good or bad into “MORE ART” through music and photography.

Hailing from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, Nathan James has
always been pushing out his creative energy for the world to see. Building a foundation as one of the most desired entertainment photographer behind some of the industry’s most iconic shots (Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Machine Gun Kelly, Avril Lavigne, Post Malone & many more.

Since his burst onto the music scene in early 2020, Nathan James has already developed into a full-blown rockstar, manifesting his creative influences into a unique musical identity. It would be an understatement to say that Nathan hit the ground running. Despite the compromising circumstances of COVID-19, Nathan James has released 10 singles and amassed millions of streams across all platforms.

Nathan James has no intention of stopping his production of “MORE ART”. Whether it’s photography, music, or any other form of art, Nathan James is a unique presence that cannot go unnoticed. In a world full of creativity and expression, Nathan James urges people everywhere to create “MORE ART”, and he’s not afraid to lead by example.

Nathan James shot the album cover for Machine Gun Kelly’s #1 album Tickets to My Downfall

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