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UK alternative metal act NEONFLY has announced the release of the band’s upcoming live EP “Master Tapes – 10 Years Live at Masters of Rock”, set to be released on June 19 via Noble Demon

Having graced the festival for the 4th time in ten years back in 2022, this digital EP commemorates their decade-long journey since their first captivating performance on the international stage. Masters of Rock festival holds a special place in NEONFLY‘s hearts as it provided them with a crucial platform that kick-started the band’s global presence. With each performance, NEONFLY has established a profound connection with their fans and the festival community, culminating in this special EP that commemorates their decade-long adventure at Masters Of Rock festival from humble beginnings to the here and now.

NEONFLYcomments: “Our journey with Masters of Rock began in 2012 when we played to a packed second stage, winning the hearts and minds of everyone present. This led to us returning the following year and being promoted to an early afternoon slot on the Main Stage. Since then, the Czech fans, and especially those at Masters of Rock, have always held a special place in our hearts. Playing there feels like coming home, and we wanted to show our gratitude to all the fans who rocked out with us over the years, as well as to the fantastic team at Pragokoncert for their unwavering support.

Our first live recording dates back to our Main Stage debut in 2013, where we premiered the yet-to-be-released track “Heart of the Sun,” later featured on our second album. The live version has been remixed and remastered for this release. In 2015, we returned for another epic Main Stage performance, proving that Neonfly was here to stay and a force to be reckoned with. That show also marked the debut of our visually captivating fire-breathing act, performed by guitarist Frederick Thunder, which has since then become a festival staple for us. Two tracks are taken from that show, “A Gift to Remember” and “Morning Star.”

Although we performed at Metalfest 2017, also organized by Pragokoncert, it took seven years for us to return to Masters of Rock. Originally scheduled for 2020, the pandemic put our plans on hold until 2022, turning our return into a special moment, marking our 10-year “MORversary.” “Highways to Nowhere” and “This World is Burning” are taken from that show, with their respective videos edited by Frederick Thunder.

Watch the music video for the first single “Highways to Nowhere“, which the band performed at the Masters of Rock Festival 2022:

Listen to the song HERE

Guitarist Frederick Thunder about the track: “‘Highways to Nowhere’ has been a staple in our setlist since our second album ‘Strangers in Paradise’ came out. It’s really punchy and straight-forward, and it’s a great song to start the set with a bang and set the tone for the rest of the show. Even after all these years, the song only seems to have grown in popularity as evidenced by the number of people who request it and the way it’s positioned itself as one of our most popular songs on streaming platforms. It seemed like a great option as the starting track of our EP to celebrate what Neonfly is all about live.”

Revisiting unforgettable moments from their triumphant return in 2022 after a seven-year hiatus, NEONFLY offers a vibrant snapshot of their spirited performances with anthems like “Highways to Nowhere” and “This World is Burning,” capturing the essence of their 10-year “MORversary.” With their seamless blend of raw energy, intricate melodies, and captivating visuals, NEONFLY‘s live recordings transcend mere music, embodying a celebration of unity, resilience, and passion shared with fans worldwide. 

Master Tapes – 10 Years Live at Masters of Rock“ will be coming out digitally on June 19 via Noble Demon. The EP is available for pre-save at THIS LOCATION

– Original photograph by Veronika Hesounová –

01. Highways to Nowhere (Live at Masters of Rock 2022)
02. This World is Burning (Live at Masters of Rock 2022)
03. A Gift to Remember (Live at Masters of Rock 2015)
04. Heart of the Sun (Live at Masters of Rock 2013)
05. Morning Star (Live at Masters of Rock 2015)

Willy Norton – Vocals
Frederick Thunder – Guitars
Paul Miller – Bass
Declan Brown – Drums
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