NEPTHISIS presents the haunting new track “A Devil Inside”. Produced by Somer Bingham, it’s built to be a devilish anthem for a television show or movie, dwelling in the dark cinematic, rock trailer world. It’s also a thrilling combination of metal, grunge vibes, and operatic. “A Devil Inside” is inspired by Brothers’ Grimm Fairy Tales, and the ethereal, horror realms.

“NEPTHISIS is thrilled to release ‘A Devil Inside’, a cinematic trailer rock track, about tapping into our darkness and duality as a form of power. It speaks to the various sides of ourselves that lie beneath the surface. The track was built specifically for film and television, and influenced by the story of the anti-hero that reveals herself as the unbeknown monster. It speaks to duality and ‘a dark side’, and the ability to tap into hidden power and show supreme depth and strength.”

Emerging out of shadows, ghostly vocals, ambient synths and delicate piano melodies manifest an eerie sound. Gradually building in intensity with a sense of foreboding,  “A Devil Inside” seductively and enticingly reveals the monster within. “A Devil Inside” is from the same production team as its sister track “In The Shadows”, which recently promoted the worldwide feature film ‘Bones and All’ starring Timothee Chalamet. The film is a cannibal love story, albeit more like one from the creepy tales of Brother’s Grimm.

Stream “A Devil Inside” Here: 

Nepthisis is Lady of Veils and Goddess of Mourning. This new artist release is heavily inspired by the darkest of dreams and the most primal desires. Musically, this exploration takes on gothic nuances in exchange for a more aggressive spirit unbound by genres. NEPTHISIS has aspects of dark cinematic rock, opera, goth, industrial, and experimental darkwave influences – reminiscent of certain aspects of FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE, RUELLE, PORTISHEAD, PJ HARVEY, ZOLA JESUS, CHELSEA WOLFE, GAZELLE TWIN, and even EVANESCENCE. NEPTHISIS is spotlighted in the prestigious magazine Distorted Sound in addition to Metal Temple, Ghost Cult Magazine, Ripple Music, Terra Relicta, and more. NEPTHISIS is spearheaded by multi-disciplined artist Sheila Eden.

“A rich soundscape of pounding guitars and haunting ambiance lay the foundations for the untamable vocal performance… A marriage of horror film score and heavy metal.”

Sheila’s Personal Website:

Lyrics/Melody – Sheila Eden
Producer/Engineer – Somer Bingham


Disturbingly Good


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