New Habits are a band formed with a singular purpose and ethos – to inspire listeners to develop new habits of their own, to pursue the betterment of their own lives and relationships.

The post-hardcore group now reveal their stunning new anthem, ‘Lost In The Grey’.

Stream ‘Lost In The Grey’ and watch the video here:

Elements of Bring Me The HorizonCurrentsSpiritbox and UnderoathNew Habits are already being marked as a new band to watch through the quality of their songwriting and the immediacy of their approach.

Starting in 2020, everything New Habits have created focuses on this attitude – taking negative viewpoints and turning them positive; moving from problem-oriented lyrics to solution-oriented lyrics.

New Habits are fully DIY, managed and self-produced at will, featuring members of Chelsea Grin and I Am Haunted. Their collective life experiences make New Habits an important, real, new voice – experiences that echo throughout the band’s music.

New single ‘Lost In The Grey’ is centred on how society is flailing and divided – how we are all doomed to repeat the cycle if we don’t learn from our past, and how we are destined to become the villains if we stoop to villains’ levels. Integrating their solution-oriented approach to the overarching message of the song, New Habits advises listeners to take back what’s theirs, to learn from the past, and to remember that they never have to be anything but their authentic selves.

Members of New Habits have variously dealt with depressive episodes, existential crisis, drug dependence, anxiety, family bereavement and relapse – all events that could easily lead to nihilism and cynicism. Instead, the band focuses on overturning and overcoming these moments – an attitude that will surely resonate with fans.

New Habits are: 

Vocals: Aaron Daniel
Guitar: Patrick Dougherty
Guitar: Tyler Larrabee
Bass & Vocals: Zach Arns
Drums: Andrew Carlston

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