In Flames are less than a month away from dropping Battles, their 12th studio album since forming in 1990. Evolving through a myriad of different sounds, they’re exploring new territory yet again with “The End” and “The Truth” already painting a vast musical picture. With the new song “Through My Eyes,” the album’s expectations get reshaped again. Opening with a spotlight guitar lick, sustained cords lumber underneath until the full band comes in and a familiar metallic, alternate picked lead takes over. The verse continues this heavier ethos; the most aggressive moments of the three songs released so far. The chorus reigns in more familiar elements of their new sound with lush keyboards padding the anthemic beat and soaring, catchy refrain. Drummer Björn Gelotte contrasted the recording process of Battles with its predecessor, Siren Charms. Stating to Decibel that Siren Charms was tracked in Berlin with dreary weather, he added, “Now recording in [Los Angeles, Calif.] with the sunshine it’s a different energy. The writing process was different this time, too — that I would like for us to continue to explore. Also, working with Howard [Benson, producer] and his team was great. I got stressed taking a break for even five minutes because they were always ready to go for the next take and kept my energy up.”Battles will be out on Nov. 11 through Seven Eleven. Pre-orders can be placed digitally through iTunes where fans will receive all three songs out so far as instant gratification downloads.


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