NEW NOISE MAGAZINE PREMIERES PILLARS OF A TWISTED CITY VISUAL FOR “COLLISION COURSE WITH ARMAGEDDON” – WATCH!PILLARS OF A TWISTED CITY’S SELF-TITLED DEBUT ALBUM OUT AUGUST 21ST VIA DEBT OFFENSIVE RECORDS.Today, New Noise Magazine premieres Pillars Of A Twisted City’s visual for “Collision Course with Armageddon” – WATCH HERE! The visual comes off of the band’s upcoming self-titled debut record – out August 21st via Debt Offensive Records. Pre-orders for the album are available HERE!Johnny Stewart, the band’s founding member, explains the visual’s relationship with darkness and light “Collision course with Armageddon is a song about embracing our inevitable death. Realizing that in order to embrace the light you must caress the darkness. The lyrics and the mood connect with the visual. The visual metaphor of rough sea & surf represents the destructive beauty of the surface and the unknown beneath.” 
Previously, Pillars Of A Twisted City released three visuals via the band’s Instagram page following a rampage fueled acid trip. Watch the visual for “Chamber of Sorrow” HERE and “Of Furious Death” HERE! The third visual for “Pre Cambrian Shield”, released this past Friday can be viewed HERE!
Pillars Of A Twisted City was recorded, produced and mixed by Johnny Stewart and mastered by Grammy Nominated Gregg Mindroff (Native North America, Ice-T,  D.O.A, Tom Green). It was recorded over the course of two months at Desecration Studios (Stewart’s house on an 8-Track) in Vancouver. It’s first and foremost a black metal record. But for every brutal black metal song or thrash metal song, there’s a beautiful instrumental to accompany it. The album’s track order and diverse set of musical styles lend to one another both lyrically and atmospherically.ABOUT NEW NOISE MAGAZINE:
New Noise Magazine is your definitive source for industry content & information on punk, hardcore, metal, acoustic, indie rock and everything in between. The magazine supports underground music. They strive to think outside the box of the newsstand shelf. 

Pillars of a Twisted City fuses together elements of black metal, gothic and thrash punk and is often hailed as the Ween of Heavy Metal. The very idea of a heavy metal Ween awards itself a double-take. It might even be considered blasphemous to some, but that’s exactly what Pillars Of A Twisted City is about. The Vancouver band harnesses an honest and raw approach to DIY metal with twists and turns at every corner. Inspired by a wide variety of musical influences like Entombed, Darkthrone, Thin Lizzy, The Who, Swervedriver, Gorgoroth, traditional Latin Flamenco music and The Damned, the band’s overall message is freedom. Not being chained to any one musical genre and not running the risk of homogenizing their sound. 

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