New Video From Orchestral Death Metal Collective Gods of Gaia! The Redeemer

“Unveiling Darkness: Where Faith Becomes Chains, and Redemption is Twisted”
“The Redeemer” Lyric Video

Orchestral death metal collective, Gods of Gaia, are proud to reveal their captivating new lyric video for the track “The Redeemer.”
This sonic journey is a glimpse into their upcoming album “As Daylight Dies,” slated for re-release on October 13th, 2023, under the banner of Wormholedeath.

This audio-visual assault mirrors the intensity of the music and the lyrics, offering a deep dive into the heart of Gods of Gaia world.

A Fusion of Auditory Forces: “As Daylight Dies”

The upcoming album “As Daylight Dies” resonates with a unique fusion of elements. Gods of Gaia boldly intertwine brutal riffs, extreme vocals, and epic orchestral arrangements to create an auditory experience that defies conventions. This collection of compositions bridges the gap between the raw power of electric guitars, drums, and bass, and the emotional nuances of a symphony orchestra.

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