My Affliction 

From the band: “This song is about the burning sensation inside when your temper has reached its limit, trying to express how crippling anger and a temper can be and how much it can ruin a life in split second bad decisions. Bringing awareness to the fact that people that do struggle day to day with a temper”.

Matt Gray – Bass & Vocals 

“This track was an interesting one from how it came about, Matt had written the lyrics for it and shown Harry one evening, Harry came up with the chorus melody almost straight away and then when we next had practice he’d written a skeleton to the song, we’d worked on the song as a band from there. Two of the main points from when we were recording the song that really stand out was the word ‘Rage’ being screamed before the breakdown was decided on the spot in the vocal booth, we’d been talking about having something there already but couldn’t decide until the Graves brothers (Innersound Studio) agreed it needed something there and the other part was the big ending when it has all three vocals going was actually finalised by Harry in the middle of the night the day before we recorded the vocals for it.”

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