Labyrinth of Thoughts records and The Lab records announce re-issue of Nightstalker‘s – Dead Rock Commandos!

Don’t try to label Nightstalker, it only makes them mad. Over the years they’ve been saddled with every label under the sun. In the 90’s it was grunge… Then it was Stoner Rock… And never try to call them a ‘Greek Rock act’ either. They play Rock music, plain and simple, and have been doing so to rave reviews for the past three decades.
The 10th year anniversary reissue of “Dead rock commandos” is out on Spring 2022, on 3 limited editions:

  • Box Set: Including the LP version on Crystal Clear Vinyl + 80-page Photobook + autographed CD. (Labels & Band exclusive- Out on May 27th – 2022) 
  • Yellow LP edition (Out on May 6th – 2022)
  • Dark Green LP edition (Out on May 6th – 2022)

All on heavy 150 gr vinyl, in glorious gatefold covers, including photos and lyrics. Another album worth of raw rock ‘n roll simplicity, filled with stunning riffs and electric haze. More heavy sounds, groovy rhythms and intense bass playing all merging with the power of Argy’s vocals, which is the secret to the music of Nightstalker that has kept the band going for more than 30 years and made them one of the most important bands in the history of the European Hard Rock scene.

A joint release of “Labyrinth of Thoughts” records and “The Lab” records.

Labyrinth of Thoughts records
The Lab records

Nightstalker, the preeminent godfathers of Greek hard rock music scene, boast a 30-year legacy adorned in heavy riffs, hazy smoke, and raw psychedelia. Countless attempts to categorize their unique sound have failed time and time again, as their varied influences have produced an intoxicating mixture of sonic textures you won’t find anywhere else. Just like Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Black Sabbath, and Motörhead, who all carved a path of their own, Nightstalker have left an unparalleled imprint on the rock underground.

The Dead Rock Commandos of Greece offer a discography of eight hard-punching albums that have consistently expanded Nightstalker’s template without ever straying from the band’s identity. Their latest album, 2019’s Great Hallucinations, is auditory proof of the band’s extensive experimentation with every illicit substance known to man. With its groovy, catchy riffs and deep, expansive psychedelic tracks, Nightstalker’s latest opus is easily the most mature yet trippy body of work the band has ever produced. 
            Nightstalker was founded in 1989 by the band’s frontman and original drummer, Argy. In 1992, Nightstalker recruited bassist Andreas Lagios (ex-Rotting Christ). With Lagios’s help, the band released their first EP, Side FX, in 1994.  Built of the strength of songs like “Spit” and “Mad Prophet,” the album’s sound was completely new for Greek audiences, a factor that sparked the fanatic following that still supports the band today. Two years later, Nightstalker released their first full-length album, Use, making 1996 a landmark year for both the band and Greek rock history. After this seminal release, Nightstalker took four years to perfect the tracks for their follow-up EP, The Ritual. 
            The addition of guitarist Tolis Motsios in 2004 brought forth an original, funky, psychedelic masterpiece called Just A Burn. In 2009, the band released Superfreak, the first album signed to a US label, Meteorcity Records, and quickly received international acclaim. Three years later, Nightstalker released Dead Rock Commandos, a standout album that earned them thousands of fans worldwide and produced some of their biggest hits, solidifying them as legends in the hard rock music scene and establishing Children of the Sun as an anthem that would personify the Greek Rock scene for years to come. Their seventh album, As Above, So Below, proved that Nightstalker improved with age and introduced a new element in the band’s sound: electric blues. Nightstalker’s latest work (the aforementioned Great Hallucinations) created a frenzy that was, unfortunately, prematurely stifled by the global pandemic. True to form, the band, as promised, is ready to hit the road again.
            It’s no secret that the band has a long-lasting, almost romantic, affair with the stage. From Greece to the Balkans and Europe, Nightstalker have electrified crowds for 30 years, and they plan to continue until the end. While the band has toured long enough to share the stage with rock royalty like Ramones and Uriah Heep, they never tire of performing live. They thrive on it.
Next Stop: UK. Nightstalker will be touring the UK 21-26 June before the head off to Europe, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ‘Dead Rock Commandos’ reissue from Labyrinth of Thoughts records & The Lab records, the album that made a wide appeal and established them in the US and marked the birth of the Greek rock anthem ‘Children of the Sun’ – a song that became a symbol of the underground culture of the country.


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