NITE Reissue ‘Darkness Silence Mirror Flame’

NITE Carried the Torch on ‘Darkness Silence Mirror Flame’

NITE come from a long and storied line of heavy metal. The Bay Area gave birth to titans like Metallica. And while it’s not what most metalheads imagine when they go to their happy place, Northern California’s sunny climate did inspire Death to cross over into death metal.  

‘Darkness Silence Mirror Flame’ carries that torch with pride. NITE’s debut album will be available for the first time through Season of Mist on October 27. Order it today on CD Digipak, black or ash grey vinyl, or as a digital download HERE.

Every member of NITE has played in other bands that span from coast to coast, but they came together around San Francisco in 2018. It didn’t take long before they were making their presence known, either.  ‘Darkness Silence Mirror Flame’ appeals to old metalheads and nu-comers alike.  

Just rewatch the video for the album’s lead single HERE. “The Way” carves a fresh blood line between ’80s thrash and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Badass riffs come roaring out the gate, shooting off starblinding melodic leads, and the steel-toed drum beat has more muscle than a Harley Road King. But NITE didn’t come to worship the past. Van Labrakis’ blackened vocals snuff out any warm and fuzzy feelings, like a blot on the sun.

01. Genesis (5:02)
02. The Way (6:21)
03. Lucifer (5:14)
04. Ezelia (5:50)
05. Night Terrors (6:34)
06. Chains (4:56)
07. Bright (5:19)
08. Acolytes (6:54)

Total run-time: 00:44:50

Style: Blackened heavy metal 
FFO: Black Anvil, Cloak, Tribulation

The San Francisco Bay Area has a history steeped in forward-thinking, technically dazzling metal, and NITE carries that torch with pride. Founded in 2018, their blackened heavy metal brand barrels towards the peril of an unknown future, while keeping one eye on the days when blistering leads once ruled the land. Guitarists Van Labrakis (Satan’s Wrath, Mencea) and Scott Hoffman (Dawnbringer, High Spirits) let loose galloping riffs and harmonies that evoke the classic sounds of the N.W.O.B.H.M., with Labrakis’ grizzled voice driving their dark, melodic metal into the modern era.

With Avinash Mittur (Wild Hunt) replacing founding bassist Bryan Coons in early 2021, he and drummer Patrick Crawford (Serpents of Dawn, Older Sun) make up a rhythm section that’s fierce yet breathlessly precise: a freewheel pounding reminiscent of the early days of heavy metal, with a Rickenbacker-powered roar fueling the low end. NITE’s debut full-length Darkness Silence Mirror Flame, released in March 2020 by Creator-Destructor Records, earned widespread praise. It showcased their fist-raising classic heavy metal that nearly every fan of the genre once fell in love with, but with a twisted and shadowy edge that the titans of old could never imagine. NITE is the flame of the past illuminating the darkness of tomorrow.
Van Labrakis – Guitar, Vocals
Scott Hoffman – Guitar
Bryan Coons – Bass
Pat Crawford – Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Van Labrakis at 210 Studios San Francisco and The Hoagie Container.

Produced by Van Labrakis and NITE.

Artwork by Misanthropic-Art Illustrations

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FormatsDigital, CD digipak, vinyl black and colored