NOCTURNUS AD – Unleash visualizer for second single “Yesod, The Dark Side of The Moon”; new album to be released May 17 on Profound Lore Records!

Photo by Tim Hubbard

Tampa, Florida based Sci-Fi Death Metal icons NOCTURNUS AD have delivered another intense taste of their highly-anticipated new full-length record, entitled “Unicursal”, which will be out on May 17 via Profound Lore Records. Following the release of the first single “CephaloGod”, the band follows up today with a brand new visualizer for the track “Yesod, The Dark Side of The Moon”.

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NOCTURNUS AD mastermind Mike Browning about the track and its meaning: 
Yesod, Dark Side of The Moon is part of the story of Dr. Magus’ mission to travel through the the portal of the 9th sphere Yesod on a giant Tree of Life and Death floating in space in the Multiverse, where he descends into a cavern inside a crater on The Moon and battles a hideous Moon Beast to conquer and gain the Sigil of Yesod.” 

The upcoming new NOCTURNUS AD album “Unicursal” is the anticipated follow-up to 2019’s acclaimed “Paradox”. With “Paradox”, Nocturnus founder/sci-fi death metal godfather Mike Browning would resurrect Nocturnus lore under its new alteration NOCTURNUS AD which gave Browning the opportunity to continue the mythos that came before with the legendary album “The Key”, almost 30 years after the release of one of the most influential death metal albums of all time.

“Unicursal” sees Browning, along with guitarists Belial Koblak and Demian Heftel, keyboardist Josh Holdren, and new bassist Kyle Sokol (bass on “Unicursal” was performed by now-ex bassist Daniel Tucker), continue the journey of Dr. Magus following the events of “The Key” and “Paradox” (documented in the album’s second half). A towering aeonic manifestation of extraordinary sci-fi otherworldly death metal forging itself through time and space.

Evidently “Unicursal” is not only one of the most ambitious undertakings Browning has been involved with, but it is a formidable display of progressive occult metal wizardry that manifests NOCTURNUS AD as one of the most singular forces in extreme metal today; there truly is no other entity akin and “Unicursal” is another monolith that honours and continues the traditionand lore laid down with “The Key” and continued with “Paradox”. With blistering guitar manifestations courtesy of Koblak and Heftel, Holdren’s grand and epic synth passages and Browning holding down the rhythm with his calculated battery along with his unique commanding chants, “Unicursal” is a towering aeonic manifestation, extraordinary sci-fi otherworldly death metal forging itself through time and space.

The album was produced/engineered/mastered by Jarrett Pritchard at New Constellation Audio in Orlando, Florida, and features artwork by Uwe Jarling with design by Chimere Noire

“Unicursal” is available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION

01. Intro
02. The Ascension Throne of Osiris
03. CephaloGod
04. Mesolithic
05. Organism 46B
06. Mission Malkuth
07. Yesod, The Dark Side of The Moon
08. Hod, The Stellar Light
09. Netzach, The Fire of Victory
10. Outro
Mike Browning – Drums/Vocals 
Demian Heftel – Guitar
Belial Koblak – Guitar/Backing Vocals 
Kyle Sokol – Bass
Josh Holdren – Keyboards

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