Node have posted on their YouTube channel ( ) the lyric video of their new single ” iGod”.

Recorded at the StreetRec studio in Albese (Co) by Andrea Testori and mixed by Marco Barusso (Lacuna Coil, Cayne, The Price), the song is the first unreleased single with new vocalist Davide ” Dave ” Arri and will kick off a series of releases that the band will periodically release, for the moment only on streaming platforms and available for purchase on their Bandcamp page ( .

The tracks will all be united by a concept devised by bassist Gary D’Eramo, the band’s founder.

These are his words: “iGod is the beginning of a journey of music and reflection born out of my in-depth and personal analysis of the world and society’ in which we live in this 21st century. Each song will deal with a theme related to the progressive involution that the human being is experiencing, a cultural involution, of personality, of the environment that surrounds him, of all those values that progress and technology have often crumbled, transforming us from emotionally active beings into cold calculating machines devoid of feeling and empathy.

In particular, iGod recounts the narcissistic nature that has been violently injected into man’s unconscious sphere by the media and social networks, isolating him, annihilating confrontation and the mutual desire to improve, favouring instead a pathetic self-celebration of oneself and one’s own reasons, leading man to shut himself up in an isolation in which he sees only and exclusively himself as the only being and at the same time as the superior entity of this fictitious universe of his, continually creating and disguising himself according to his needs with the sole purpose of pleasing and seeking approval at all costs. “

The Lyric video was made by Davide Billia drummer of Antropofagus, Vomit the soul, while the Artwork of the video and the cover of the single was made by Paolo Puppo guitarist of Will O Wisp , author also of the recent Sadist artworks.

Node will be on stage at the Slaughter Club in Paderno Dugnano (MI) together with Sinister, Crowdead, Rawfoil, Sluggore and Disciplina as part of the WFR Fest on Sunday 30 April, where they will present a live preview of other unreleased tracks that will make up the concept.


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