Mediterranean Extreme Progressive Metal: Where the dark side of Prog meets the light of Latin vibes

Black/Death Metal, Flamenco and Greek legend Sakis Tolis converge in the new single of NORTH OF SOUTH, “Just Fourteen Seconds”

Spanish Chechu Nos shares vocal duties with the founder member of Rotting Christ in a track that pushes the boundaries of North of South’s groundbreaking formula and includes the captivating performance of Flamenco singer Javier Caminero

After the overwhelming irruption of the previous single, “Soul Cartography”, featuring Evergrey’s singer Tom S. Englund, NORTH OF SOUTH release their new song, “Just Fourteen Seconds”, the heaviest and darkest composition ever in the history of this music project led by multi-instrumentalist Chechu Nos.

In the vein of the most collective side of North of South, this brand new single features Sakis Tolis, a true institution in the worldwide metal scene thanks to his prestigious career with European Black pioneers Rotting Christ.

His presence symbolizes the hardening of NoS’ sound in their upcoming second album, “The Tides In Our Veins”, planned to be released on June 25th.

In any case, “Just Fourteen Seconds” doesn’t renounce exploring the extreme diversity of North of South’s musical influences, incarnated in this case by a Flamenco interlude starring Javier Caminero and a guest solo flute by Spanish Folk referent Rodrigo Martínez.

Lyrically, this new track goes deep into one of the main “leitmotifs” in North of South’s work: the conflicting relationship between Humanity and Universe. “Just Fourteen Seconds” also implies an environmentalist background linked to self-destructiveness of human nature.

On June 25th, North of South will release “The Tides In Our Veins”, a firm step forward in their fusion of Extreme Progressive Metal with elements from very different genres, such as Melodic Jazz, Pop and Latin/Mediterranean music.

Indeed, Nos himself mentions amongst his numerous influences and musical tastes such varied references like Amorphis, Santana, Opeth, Iron Maiden, Mike Oldfield, Novembre, The Police, In Flames, Michael Nyman and Dissection.

Founded in 2017 and located in the historic Spanish city of León, North of South has displayed a very collective and collaborative soul despite their individual nature, featuring world-renowned artists like Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land), Anna Murphy (Cellar Darling, ex Eluveitie), Zuberoa Aznárez (Diabulus in Musica) and Tom S. Englund (Evergrey).

The album “New Latitudes” (2018, Rockshots Records) marked the starting point of North of South’s discography, followed by a second chapter, “The Dogma and The Outsider” EP (2019, Wormholedeath).

The upcoming second full length album, “The Tides in Our Veins” has been recorded again at Zoilo Unreal Studios (Marín, Pontevedra, España) and co-produced by Zoilo Unreal(Unreal Overflows) and Chechu Nos himself.

Previous Discography

New Latitudes (2018)

The Dogma and The Outsider (Ep) (2019)

Selected Videography

Soul Cartography Lyric Video (featuring Tom S. Englund, Evergrey)

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What the media have said about North of South:

“It’s too good, North Of South aims at a great musical destination, where they could be a watershed in Metal” (RTMB Music)

“North Of South and their debut album, “New Latitudes”, are really redefining what Metal can be” (Overdrive Music Magazine)

“North of South will be a progressive metal / rock act talked about in circles of the internet community” (Dead Rhetoric)

“Chechu Nos is a man to watch moving forward. Easily, one of my favorite releases of 2018” (Metal Utopia)

“A work that gives off excellence all around. A delicatessen” (Zeppelin Rock)

“Such a fascinating mixture of Progressive Metal, Death spray, Pop choruses and Fusion and Latin rhythms” (Aristocrazia Webzine)

“Only a genius mind can achieve making possible that such different genres coexist so fluently” (ViaNocturna2000)

“One of those gems that leads you to a different dimension” (Sevilla Metal)

“I think it’s safe to say this is truly a different kind of metal” (Ever Metal)

“Gets you hooked at the first attempt and infects you like a body without immune system” (World Of Metal)