Nova Charisma ‘Exposition II’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Rude Records/Experimental Rock

‘Experimental’ is often a phrase that can have many people recoiling in fear. It is a fear of the unknown, the unexpected and the possibility of being labelled as a musical pariah, the dreaded ‘hipster’, you know the type: “oh! I heard these before they were famous”, “Ew! You listen to them? I only listen to underground artists” etc, you know the drill. Yet, experimental is what Nova Charisma choose to label themselves as Donovan Melero from Hail The Sun and Sergio Medina of Stolas continue their musical odyssey by following up ‘Exposition’, their debut EP with the aptly titled ‘Exposition II’.

Fans of Nova Charisma will not be shocked to find that ‘Exposition II’ follows on almost exactly where the previous EP left off. Now, the experimental label may be something of a red herring here, what the listener gets are beautifully arranged melodies and songs that have all the hallmarks of both indie and alternative rock; ‘Hoxton’ and ‘Gemini’ have exceptional vocal harmonies that would appeal to fans of Belle & Sebastian and Elliott Smith. These melodies are juxtaposed by complex time signatures and rhythms that would pull in the interest from the more progressive side of the spectrum, particularly the more contemporary of this genre such as The Mars Volta, Circa Survive as well as fans from Hail The Sun.

This is actually an easy EP to like and for something considering ‘experimental’, it is remarkably predictable and enjoyable. All this means there is a replayable factor to ‘Exposition II’ and by clocking in at 13 minutes, it does exactly what an EP needs to do, in and out, giving a screenshot of what Nova Charisma are capable of. However, can the band keep the attention of the listener and do this over a full-length studio album? Time will tell.

Rating :75/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


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