OceanWitherer unleashes their single, “Resentment Chains,” a powerful exploration of the emotional scars that bind us. The track serves as the last track of their EP, “Pillars of the Anguish Cycle”.

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“Resentment Chains” delves into the crippling effects of resentment, a festering wound that imprisons us in the past. The song paints a vivid picture of the mourner, their internal world mirroring the melancholic rain outside. OceanWitherer explains, “These scars we carry, unseen by most, can hold us captive. Resentment becomes a chain, binding us to past hurts and shaping our present reality.”

Musically, “Resentment Chains” retains the band’s signature blend of emo melodies, atmospheric ambience, and crushing metal breakdowns. The track promises to be an emotionally charged experience, a cathartic release for those struggling with the weight of the past.

Emerging in 2022, OceanWitherer channels raw emotions into their music, forging a safe space for listeners to confront their own darkness. Their aim is to create music that transcends language, a universal expression of the anxieties and anguish that grip the human soul.


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