The wait has been a rather long one, but OGEN and THE SCARS IN PNEUMA are now back with new music soon to be released on digital platforms as well as on tape limited edition of 26 handnumbered copies via Deadwoods Productions.

After cooperating on several levels, the two bands took a novel turn in their musical path by recording a 4-tracks split EP, THE EERIE CHRONICLES. This is the first time in several years that new music from either bands sees the light of day – October 1 2021 is the official date set for the comeback.

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1) [Ogen] The Inward Abyss
2) [Ogen] Eternity Unguarded
3) [T.S.I.P.] Santu Diadoru
4) [T.S.I.P.]  Ascending The Mountain Of Old

The idea to release new music jointly is something Ogen and The Scars In Pneuma had been looking forward to for a long time. “We feel that our new tracks kind of complement each other nicely – says Lorenzo M. (The Scars In Pneuma) – and, following the plan to release the album on tape, we thought it would be a good idea to have Ogen on one side and The Scars In Pneuma on the other.

The release of “The Eerie Chronicles” also marks the bands’ first attempt to record music on their own, the underlying goal being to be able to write and release new music almost simultaneously and in a way that would be financially sustainable. “We thought that, for the time being, it would be easier for us to produce and share our music this way – adds Francesco L. (Ogen)Entering a professional recording studio is not something we can commit ourselves to as of now, and while we would love to, we thought it would be better to share some new music the way we can rather than letting it collect dust in the form of unfinished pre-demo versions.

All tracks were written and performed by Francesco L. (Ogen) and Lorenzo M. (The Scars In Pneuma). Daniele V. once again lent his drumming skills to both bands and is responsible for the drums arrangements on all tracks of the EP.

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