This is not ‘Just a Phantom’—it’s actually here!Ok Mayday releases their new EP Just A Phantom with the feature single “Stepping Down”

Today, Ok Mayday releases their second EP Just A Phantom. Featuring six tracks striking between charismaticly indie and distinctly pop, Ok Mayday proves their versatility within the pop indie genre, adding their own unique touch. The Just A Phantom EP is a collaboration between Harmony “H-Money” SamuelsOk Mayday, and Ryan Hughes. From devastating heartbreak, to wishing for a brighter future, to being open about fears, Ok Mayday’s music and message is a breath of fresh air.

Their brand new single, “Stepping Down”, prodced by Harmony “H-Money” Samuels, is melancholic, with a steady dark vibe that features strings, intricate beats, and hauntingly beautiful vocals. Alongside its heavy yet catchy chorus, you can feel the desperation between the urging music and David Bollmann’s voice reaching an emotional pitch. Filmed in the desert, the video for the track is just as amazing as the song – with gorgeous cinematography and sunstruck settings. From within and around a plane wreck, the band performs “Stepping Down” with brassy conviction and grandeur.

The Virginia-based quartet, consisting of brothers David and Kelly Bollmann, Stephen Lee, and Matthew Osborn, combine arena pop, synth-based indie, and shoegazing guitar rock to create their signature sound. Behind the scenes, Ok Mayday’s songwriting craft extends beyond their own band. They have writing credits with major artists, such as on J. Cole’s “Sparks Will Fly feat. Jhene Aiko” and Haley Reinhart’s “Some Way Somehow.”

Their most recent single from the EP, “Colorful”, is a hopeful proclamation that change will come despite these challenging past few years. With thoughtful verses and a powerful chorus, Ok Mayday drives home to the listener… beautiful things are on their way!

“Blossoms”, another past single on the EP is a groovy indie pop track that radiates warmth. Released during the height of the global pandemic, the music video encapsulates those long months the world was stuck at home. It showcases dozens of their friends from all over the world, from Argentina to London to India, filming their daily life during the lockdown. Combining these clips with their own performances of the song from their bedrooms, they showed that life was still going on despite the difficult circumstances. The project was a major success, amassing over 1.3 million views on YouTube.

“Good” deals with the pain of unrequited love – the frustration of feeling like you are being taken for granted. Even if you crossed oceans for someone, they’d still shove you aside. The song is fast-paced with a hard-hitting chorus, and has contrasting breaks filled with expansive instrumentation and heavenly vocals. “Just A Phantom”, of which the EP is named after, incorporates bright synths, airy vocals, and a brilliant hook filled with desolation. This gem has a special arrangement that’s truly memorable. The last new track, “Human (To Be Scared)”, produced by Ryan Hughes, is calming and comforting, with a gentle sway and vulnerable lyrics. Ok Mayday reminds the listener that it’s human nature to be afraid of losing someone, especially when you’ve been hurt badly before. The song reminds you that it’s okay to be afraid – good things take time. The words are original and pure, and just like the title, are unapologetically human.

The Just A Phantom EP showcases Ok Mayday’s perfect signature sound as well as their perfectly crafted balance: though the topics may be heavy, the production and vocals of Ok Mayday emanate light that carry you through the songs. You will definitely want to keep up with this ever-evolving band that will impress you every time with their soulful, authentic music. Ok Mayday’s Just A Phantom EP is out now, and available on all streaming platforms.

Track Listing:
“Just A Phantom”
“Human (To Be Scared)”



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