OPUS, Releases Innovative 80’s New Wave Turned Metal Solo Album Titled REVAMPED!

OPUS, Drummer of Dead By Wednesday, Releases Innovative 80’s New Wave Turned Metal Solo Album Titled REVAMPED! OUT NOW! Gets Praise from Richard Marx!

REVAMPED is a creative, fun and innovative new take on select 70’s and 80’s tunes. The record features mostly new wave remakes from the likes of BerlinMissing PersonsEddy Grant, and more, but also mixed in with some classic rock bands like The Rolling Stones and Blue Oyster Cult!

“These songs were hand picked from the soundtrack of our youth, the playlist that many grew up with and enjoyed. These are tunes that shaped an entire generation but then we literally just remade or better yet “revamped” them, all while keeping the integrity and essence of the original still throughout. REVAMPED updated the production on the classics and made all 11 songs more 2023 and well, a bit more metal too!” says Gerald Edward Pawlik, Executive Producer.

Available worldwide on physical and digital streaming & downloadable platforms via Mindsnap Music / Combat Records / Salt of the Earth(distributed by Von Artists Ltd./The Orchard) and at Tower Records stores. There is a limited edition cassette tape with download card available as well. For more info email: OMindsnap@aol.com

Grab the new solo album Opus’ REVAMPED (Vol. 1) here: https://orcd.co/revamped_vol1

Listen/watch the debut single along with the new visualizer video for the REVAMPED cover of the Richard Marx song “Should’ve Known Better”. The cover was even endorsed by the man, Grammy award and multi-platinum recording artist, Mr. Richard Marx himself. You can check it out here: https://youtu.be/iaTZsVUKXuM

Grab the single NOW here: https://orcd.co/re-vamped_shouldve-known-better

The debut REVAMPED (Vol. 1) features Opus, the drummer of Dead By Wednesday & Earth (former Ellefson, Altitudes & Attitude & Gargantua Soul of the 90’s), along with studio guitarist/solo artist and super shredder Joey Concepcion, both who performed & recorded all the music on this album. It was mixed and mastered by Nicky Bellmore (Dee Snider/Jasta/kings & liars) at Dexters Lab Recording in CT. The combination of Opus and Joey C. was also the duo responsible for the making of the ground breaking guest vocalist album Darkest of Angels by Dead By Wednesday, which came out on David Ellefson’s former EMP Label Group, and featured Brian Fair (Shadows fall), Eric AK (Flotsam & Jetsam), John Arch (Fates Warning), Rob Dukes (x-Exodus), Ceschi Ramos (Codefendants/x-Dead By Wednesday), Waylon Reavis (A Killers Confession/x-Mushroomhead) & many more.

“We might have gone too far with some of these cover tunes but we don’t care! It was so fun remaking these songs for the creation of this album!” says Joey Concepcion.

“Growing up a die hard metal head, I used to snub & hate on new wave music. Why? I don’t really know. I think partially it was my being “cool” age & also what heavy metal stood for at the time… sort of rebellion to all things main stream. However, I’ve always liked all different styles of music & feel that this is what makes a musician better & stronger. Lately, I’ve been vibing on some old school 80’s stuff… Which leads me to why I wanted to do this album,” adds Opus.

Cover Art & Layout by Gary Sandler

Orion (intro)
*Originally written by MetallicA
Send me an Angel
*Originally written by Real Life
The Metro
*Originally written by Berlin
Burning for you
*Originally written by Blue Oyster Cult
I’ll be lovin’ you
*Originally written by Collage
Should’ve known better
*Originally written by Richard Marx
Electric Avenue
*Originally written by Eddy Grant
Paint it Black (feat. Jeffrey Nothing)
*Originally written by The Rolling Stones
*Originally written by Missing Persons
Maniac Party Girl
*Medley originally written by Michael Sembello, Eddie Murphy, & Olivia Newton-John
Drive 2023 (feat. Kris Keyes)
*Originally written by Gargantua Soul

Executive Producer – Gerald Edward Pawlik
Produced by Christian F. Lawrence
Engineered & Recorded by Joey Concepcion
Mixed & Mastered by Nicky Bellmore / Dexters Lab Recording
Vocals & Drums by Opus
Guest Vox on “Paint it Black” by Jeffrey Nothing & “Drive” by Kris Keyes
Screams by Joey Concepcion
Guitars, Bass, & Keyboards by Joey Concepcion & Opus

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