Out Now: Burning Sister – Fadeout (Single and Music Video)

Out Now: Burning Sister – Fadeout (Single and Music Video)

Noise rock influenced psychedelic garage rock with an old school feel, modern innovation and plenty of swagger.

The second single from the upcoming Get Your Head Right EP

The band take things in a grittier, noisier direction than on their debut full-length, bringing even more fuzz and distortion to the mix

Artist: Burning Sister
Release Date: 
August 18th 2023
 Doom metal, stoner rock, heavy psych, hard rock
 Denver, Colorado, USA

Album Credits:

Steve Miller – bass/vox/synth
Nathan Rorabaugh – guitars
Alison Salutz – drums

“Fadeout” is the second single from the band’s upcoming ‘Get Your Head Right’ EP and was tracked, mixed, and mastered by Austin at All Aces Studios.

Message From the Band:

Our upcoming ‘Get Your Head Right’ EP has an overall grittier, garage rock feel than our previous releases and “Fadeout” leads the charge and was initially born from a nasty, blowed-out, overdriven noise rock bass riff where I just cranked the gain and treble and counter-intuitively rolled the bass back just a little. It’s not usually the tone I go for when composing songs for Burning Sister. But it worked and it all came together pretty fast after coming up with the main riff. I was also really into Plastic Crimewave’s Galactic Zoo Dossier psych magazine around the time we were writing and there was a drawing with the phrase, “Fadeout for a Freak,” on it. It really stuck with me and, at the same time, kind of bummed me out so I rolled with it. You can either stand your ground, or you can just say, “fuck it,” and fadeout…

– Steve, Burning Sister

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