OVER NEMESIS release new Single “Devil’s Mastery”, listen to the song here:

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Over Nemesis was born in 2018 with Jean-Franзois and Valentin, authors, composers and musicians.

Their passions for music and Rock made it possible to found and launch the band Over Nemesis hence the first album “Wink”, released in 2018.
This first album, the first stone in the building of Rock and Metal, was oriented Sludge Metal.

Over Nemesis and the album “Wink” was well received by the media.

In 2021, Over Nemesis returns with a new album more oriented Rock, Blues or even Hard -Blues; with a light complexion of Sludge Rock.
This new album “De Integro” (of Latin etylomology, designating “again” ..) tells the story of a bluesman wishing to become famous.
By pure chance, on his way, he meets a high person. color where he promises him glory in the exchange of something precious. Out of naivety and wanting to become famous,
the bluesman gives in in exchange.
“De Integro” pays homage to one of the famous Bluesman and founder of the “Club of 27 “

For the occasion, Over Nemesis contacted Robert LONNIE III, grandson of Robert LONNIE, producer of the label The Diabolus Blues Recording where he had produced the song “Clarksdale”, written and recorded by Boney Lemon HOPKINS and Toothless Harp JEFFERSON, in 1928.
Over Nemesis has had permission from Robert LONNIE III to record a new rock version of the song “Clarksdale”.
As a bonustrack for this new album, Track Down Music had the mission of restoring, as much as possible, the original work.

The album was composed at Track Down Music where the recording, mixing and mastering was done.

“De Integro” will be released on August 31, 2021 on Music-Records and will be physically distributed on September 3, 2021. The album will also be available on digital platforms.

“A chance encounter at the crossroads can change your whole life and … make you legendary at the same time!”




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