he band Perfect View announces the release of their new album for April 28, 2023. The new work will be titled “Bushido (The Way of The Warrior)” and will be released via Lions Pride Music.

The new album is a rock opera dedicated to the world of samurai: it tells the story of a Japanese boy who is born with a disability but manages to pursue his dream and become a great samurai just as his grandfather had been. 

The band said, “It is undoubtedly the album that took us the most effort, both for the lyrics and the music and arrangements. We wanted to pay homage to a fascinating country and culture.” 

Updates will follow shortly.

Perfect View line up 

Francesco “Joe” Cataldo: Guitars & Backing Vocals 

Frank Paulis: Bass & Backing Vocals 

Davide “Dave” Lugli: Drums 

Alberto Bettini: Keyboards 

Damiano Libianchi: Lead & Backing Vocals 

Guest Musicians 

Fabio Dessi & Marco “Babba” Ciancio: Additional Background Vocals 

Emanuela “Doll” Siconolfi: Background Vocals on “Love” 

Alessandro Ascari: Strummed Acoustic Guitar on “Family” 

Mauro Baratta: Japanese Voice 

Simone Muci, Nobuya Tamaki & Matt Fraulini: Drawings & Graphic Animation.

Matteo Buzzi: Photos (Location: Amy Sushi Carpi – MO – Italy)

Perfect Crew

Sound Engineer: Stefano Davoli

Merchandise: Nick Ferrari & Mirco Cavazzoni

Press Agency: InfinityHeavy (Monica Atzei)

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered @ Pristudio (Bologna – BO – Italy) by Roberto Priori 

Assistant Mixing Engineering by Francesco Joe Cataldo & Frank Paulis 

Pre-Production made @ Sunshine Studios (San Pietro In Elda – MO – Italy) by Frank Paulis 

Pre-Order https://www.catapultdistribution.com/…/Perfect…/Bushido .

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