Poison Pill


Several anonymous musicians from Sweden, who together pay homage to heavy metal. Is there a Ghost offshoot of former Ghost musicians? Probably not, because Poison Pill sound quite different than Ghost have done and still do. Because the poison pills sound more like Priest, King Diamond and consorts. Say 80s metal with sometimes very high vocals.

After the obligatory intro, the guys start excellent with “Wake the sinner”. Fast-paced guitar riffs, buzzing bass and driving drums mixed with “normal” vocals, which then blends into the high-pitched screams in the chorus. Anyway, that’s not very innovative, Priest and King Diamond, just not so good. But probably not wanted otherwise.

The fact that the rest of the album hits the same mark as the opener is the nature of the thing. Well, with “Exit” there’s an epic, almost progressive exception, but otherwise the album is quite predictable. Especially when the best songs are at the beginning and end of the record. Nevertheless, one can have fun with the album, because it is well made and also quite entertaining.

Anyway, the album is not that bad that you have to remain anonymous as a musician or take a poison pill as a listener. But really outstanding isn’t the disc either. Solid would probably be the correct description, not more but also not less.

Label: Sliptrick Records

Out: 07.11.2017

Duration: 45:31

Track list::

  • Introspection
  • Wake The Sinner
  • Pitch Black
  • Redeye
  • Confession Of A Liar
  • Jurisdictional Confusion
  • Deathblow
  • Poison Pill
  • Call Of The Precious
  • Terminal Point
  • Demons

Rating 5.5/10

MHF Magazine/David Kerber


Disturbingly Good


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