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California Pop-Punk outfit ‘Dead End Job’ release their latest single ‘Conspiracies’. The band make for rollicking mediums, crunching straight out of the mid-90’s with a flurry of palm-muted power chords and bright, clean snares pounding out deliriously quick and infectious tempos. Dead End Job brings the golden era of Pop-punk crashing into the present day.

Their latest single ‘Conspiracies’ is no different, a hard-hitting Pop-Punk track that sees the band poking fun at conspiracy theories ranging from president assassinations and aliens to Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain. The video for the track showcases the bands personality opting for a tongue in cheek approach depicting aliens fighting with men in black. Backed by explosive drum beats, driving guitar riffs and energetic vocal performances resulting in a well-rounded track laced with raw power and plenty of attitude.

Having released music since 2019 In true punk rock fashion, Dead End Job didn’t even have a name until their very first show, when they were forced to put something down on paper. Since their practice space happened to be on a dead-end street and everyone met after work, the moniker Dead End Job seemed appropriate, and it stuck for good. Since then the band has gone from strength to strength honing in on their tight, earnest sound while keeping their keen sense of humor rooted in their music. This has culminated in Dead End Job opening for touring acts such as KennyHoopla as well as receiving radio support from stations on each coast.



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