The band has been working on ‘Control-Z’ , a gigantic concept album that has taken 7 years to be released due to its complexity not just from a musical point of view: the original artwork by London artist Juan Blanco has been conceived to really bring the story to life while the final design and packaging has been taken care of by Latvian graphic designer Kristina Popila proving that the album is indeed a truly international project where nothing is left to chance. 

The universe portrayed here is a dystopian reality, a mind trap controlled by the Control-Z office that has the specific function to undo any bad feelings or emotions of the inhabitants creating a mass of zombified citizens. 

Although you could argue that the story contained in it is purely fictional, this album is somehow autobiographical and portrays the inner dilemma that can be found in each of us when facing the choice to live a life that is driven by passion or fear. 

The plot itself has been subject to many revisions and the result is so stunning that resulted in the creation of a storyboard that will soon be released as a graphic novel for the deluxe edition.  


We are proud to present the second chapter of a truly unique project that since day one has been intent to deliver post progressive rock at its finest.

After the debut ‘The Lost Generation’ (Musea Parallèle, 2014) Post Generation is back with the gigantic concept album ‘Control-Z’.

Founder member Matteo Bevilacqua on vocals and guitars is joined by keyboardist/ multi-instrumentalist Carlo Peluso and bass player Antonio Marincola. Together with session drummers Christof Stahl, Paolo Rigotto and session vocalist Michaela Senetta the band has been working on their second album for the past 7 years. 

Following the footsteps of bands such as Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Pain Of Salvation and the softer side of Opeth, Post Generation is sure to represent a definite answer to a genre that still has a lot to say.

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