Post-hardcore outfit New Habits release
new single ‘Poor Old Me’ featuring Charlie Rolfe (As Everything Unfolds)

Inspiring new post-hardcore troupe New Habits have revealed their single ‘Poor Old Me’, featuring Charlie Rolfe of As Everything Unfolds.

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‘Poor Old Me’ is a song about self-destruction, another introspective look at the state of the human condition.

Combining elements of Bring Me The HorizonCurrentsSpiritbox and UnderoathNew Habits are already being marked as a new band to watch through the quality of their songwriting and the immediacy of their approach.

Starting in 2020, everything New Habits have created focuses on this attitude – taking negative viewpoints and turning them positive; moving from problem-oriented lyrics to solution-oriented lyrics.

New Habits are fully DIY, managed and self-produced at will, featuring members of Chelsea Grin and I Am Haunted. Their collective life experiences make New Habits an important, real, new voice – experiences that echo throughout the band’s music.

Members of New Habits have variously dealt with depressive episodes, existential crisis, drug dependence, anxiety, family bereavement and relapse – all events that could easily lead to nihilism and cynicism. Instead, the band focuses on overturning and overcoming these moments – an attitude that will surely resonate with those looking for hope in their hurt.

Their new single ‘Poor Old Me’ (featuring Charlie Rolfe of As Everything Unfolds) is a powerful perspective on someone caught in the vicious cycle of self-sabotage. Blending together the band’s gritty instrumentals, Charlie and Aaron’s raucous screams, and intensely nuanced melodies from both Charlieand Zach, the song also leverages very raw and real lyricism to create a beautifully tragic piece of music. Listeners who have experienced self-sabotage personally or within others will surely find something strong to connect with throughout this single.

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