“The Endless Inertia” coming this October on Argonauta Records!

Italy’s post-metal collective, Milan-based LA FIN, have announced the release of their first full-length album, titled “The Endless Inertia”, coming out on October 9th via Argonauta Records.

Following the band’s highly acclaimed debut EP, “Empire Of Nothing” (2016), on their upcoming album LA FIN continue their massive sound infused by various extreme metal influences; balancing between post-metal, prog, post-hardcore and black metal. The three distinct guitars turning the band’s songs into a furious riff monolith, weaved with heavy bass lines combined with ruthless and introspective atmospheric parts. Their wide dynamic range relies on the explorations of a fearless rhythm section and on the distinctive, primal yet bitterish screams and haunting clean vocals.

Over the recent years, LA FIN have shared the stages with acts alike Deafheaven, Devil Sold His Soul, Trap Them, Ghost Bath, The Royal or Here Comes The Kraken, until they started the production of their debut album, which was recorded and mixed at Phonograph Studio (TO) and mastered by James Plotkin (SunnO))), Isis, Tim Hecker, Ennio Morricone).

Today, LA FIN have unleashed a gripping first teaser, introducing a first appetizer before the full length album will be served this Fall! Says the band:

“The Endless Inertia represents our most sincere effort to push our sound and composition a little further, through 53 minutes of musical narrative. We hope that this teaser will let you catch a glimpse of the diverse essence of our upcoming album.

About the current situation for the whole music scene, we are equally bereft for not being able to perform on stage and for not attending gigs lately as we literally starve for them. May this release provide some nourishment to everyone willing not to give up on music, like us. RESIST!”

“Inertia is a property of matter by which it remains at rest or in uniform motion in the same straight line, endlessly unless acted upon by some external force. Motionless yet moving while the earth spins at 1670 km/h, our perception of being steady on this world is pure illusion as well as our soul deludes itself when it gets crushed under the challenges of life.” LA FIN explains.

The sextet brings the orchestral dimension pioneered in their debut EP to a whole new level and into a 53 minutes long path of musical narrative, approaching the concept from 9 different points of view. The Endless Inertia is an album that enquires into the human mind and its awareness of time and will, exploiting the concept of inertia as a metaphor for quiet and stillness in people’s life, wether suffered or intentional.

The album tracklist will read as follows:

1. Inertia

2. Zero

3. Hypersleep

4. Memory

5. Repetita

6. Disembody

7. Blackbody

8. Endless

9. Eulogy

“The Endless Inertia” is slated for a release on October 9th, 2020, with Argonauta Records,
with many more updates and tunes to follow soon!

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