Preview of the Heathen Rock Festival 2020

The tenth anniversary was celebrated last year. The creators of the Heathen Rock Festival were proud of their work. But the shocking news came a few months before the successor. After the eleventh edition is over for the time being. From year to year it became more and more complex and expensive to carry out this event. More and more new requirements, high fees for the bands. This decision was certainly not an easy one. At the end, fans should really be offered something again. Therefore, on February 22, 2020, the organizers invite you to the Rieckhof Cultural Center in Hamburg-Harburg for the last time.


This time the fans will learn what is meant by tractor metal. The multi-cultural troupe Detraktor was founded by musicians from South America and South Europe. And now lives in Hamburg. In September 2019 the debut album “Grinder” was released. Endseekers also come from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. However, it is clear from the start what kind of music they play – old school death metal. An EP and two albums were released by the band so far. The second album “Harvest” was released in September 2019. You can’t find too much information about Induction on the Internet. Just that they play progressive power metal. The origin is not really clear. On Facebook you can find Pardubice (Czech Republic) as their hometown, but Hamburg as their current place of residence. So, let us be surprised. Localization is a bit easier with The Generation Army. The cradle of the musicians is in the metal stronghold of Sweden. However, they do not play Sabatonic melodic metal, but have dedicated themselves to Thrash.


Turisas also come from Scandinavia, but from Finland. And Finland is known for its Pagan Metal bands. Turisas are among the best known and most successful. As you can guess from the music style Battle Metal, they will sound their battle songs in Harburg. Our neighboring country Poland is sending two bands to Harburg this year. First there is Valkenrag. The Viking Death Metal Band has been sailing in the waters of Amon Amarth or Behemoth since 2004. When you hear the name Kalevala, you immediately think of the Finnish national epic. But the folk metallers come from the Russian capital Moscow. Incidentally, Kalewala (a slightly different spelling) is a municipality in Karelia, in northwestern Russia, near the Finnish border.


Waldgeflüster, however, come from southern Germany, from the Bavarian capital of Munich. They rarely present their Black Metal here in the north. Now, after five years of abstinence, they are coming back to Hamburg with their current album “Mondscheinsonaten”. Ymyrgar from Tunisia made the longest journey this year. In the past I had the pleasure to see bands from this North African country live. But there wasn’t one among them dedicated to Pagan / Folk Metal. Finally, I would like to introduce the second Polish band of the evening. Crystal Viper made a comeback a few years ago after founder, singer and guitarist Marta Gabriel overcame a long illness. Since the 2017 album “Queen Of The Witches”, the Poles have been touring in old freshness and celebrate their melodic heavy metal. In the same year they were on stage at the MarX in Hamburg. Their seventh studio album was released a few months ago, and they are sure to present it at Heathen Rock.

Crystal Viper

DETRAKTOR – Grinder:
Endseeker “The Harvest”:
INDUCTION – Pay The Price:
The Generations Army – Voices and Visions:
Turisas – Stand Up And Fight:
Valkenrag – Halls of the Brave:
Kalevala – Matushka-Rossiya (Mother Russia):
WALDGEFLÜSTER – Rotgoldene Novemberwälder:
Ymyrgar – Dawn Of Time:
CRYSTAL VIPER – Still Alive:

The Generations Army

Pictures: Heathen Rock Festival (4), Rainer Kerber Photographie (1)


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