Industrial death metal band Project Silence released a new single called “Tainted” on the 24th of November, taken from their upcoming album “The Void”.

Photo by: Lilli Kettunen

The song represents the heavier side of the album and has a mix of retro-styled synths and blackened death metal. Song’s story is a combination of books like “The Engines of God”, as well as stories like in Alien’s prequel Prometheus.

The narrative focuses on an alien race which would have created the human race and humanity’s struggles against the overpowered deities.

Project Silence:
Delacroix – Vocals, keyboards, programming
S – Guitar (Obcasus, Moukka, Primal Hatred, Animus Callidus)
Silve_R – Drums (Virtuocity, Savo)
A – Guitar (Animus Callidus)
H – Bass (Obcasus)


Disturbingly Good


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