NYC Heavy Metal Icons PRONG Brush Off Tax Day Woes with Video for Cover of “Working Man (Regular Version)”
Watch HERE

From the Latest Album, State of Emergency, Available HERE

[photo credit: Nathaniel Shannon]

Metal greats PRONG recognize the trials of tax day by sharing a video for their version of the RUSH classic “Working Man (Regular Version).” The track appears as a shorter version on their latest album, State of Emergency, available on Steamhammer/SPV now. 

Commenting on PRONG’s version of “Working Man (Regular Version),” main man Tommy Victor had this to say:
“RUSH had the big riffs and that’s something PRONG always wants as well. Especially in the song ‘Working Man’ with that all-time classic opening riff. We have a new lyric video for the regular version of “Working Man”. It’s a bit industrial and trippy at the same time. Check it out!”

Stream “Working Man (Regular Version)” HERE

State of Emergency is a furious tableau of East Coast aggression, enveloped in that classic PRONG sound that never goes out of style.

Tommy Victor outlines the stylistic direction of the eleven songs that make up State of Emergency:
“It’s a very PRONG record. I think it’s totally genre-transcending and definitely ignores what’s going on out there these days,”

“I like all kinds of music. This record totally reflects that because it covers lots of different angles. At the same time, State Of Emergency is very guitar-oriented and a typical example of my style.”

Produced by the skillful hands of legendary producer Steve Evetts (Sepultura, The Dillinger Escape Plan), State of Emergency surprises on the post-punk track “Disconnected” and then grooves on the title track. Originally released as a standalone single in early 2023, “Breaking Point” takes no prisoners with honest lyrics and a cutting attitude, while hard-hitting “The Descent” is a lightning-quick, classic ripper.

“Back (NYC)” has Victor saying:
“To me, it’s as if Jimmy Page wrote a song playing through Dimebag’s amplifier, with Henry Rollins singing. Kind of a weird experiment for sure!”

Order State of Emergency HERE:

State of Emergency Track List:
The Descent
State of Emergency
Breaking Point
5 Light Turns Black
6 Who Told Me
7 Obeisance
8 Disconnected
9 Compliant
10 Back (NYC)
11 Working Man (Regular Version) (RUSH Cover)

State Of Emergency is available on Steamhammer/SPV in CD, LP and digital formats.

PRONG online:


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