PSYGNOSIS Shoot For the Cosmos on “Öpik-Oort”

PSYGNOSIS make a distinctly progressive type of extreme metal. Sure, the French band has two guitarists who grind out plenty of crunching, distorted riffs, and their drummer is by no means shy when it comes to hammering out blast beats. But this extreme metal band doesn’t have a vocalist. Instead, they’ve got a cellist.  

Of course, this peculiar configuration didn’t align overnight.Psygnosis started in 2009, as a way for  Rémi Vanhove to meld his love for atmospheric extreme metal with touches of electronica. It wasn’t until 2015 that the band decided to ditch singing all together in favor of adding Raphaël Verguin, whose swooping cello whisked fans all the way to the ends of the solar system on their last album. 

Now, Psygnosis are setting off once again for a faraway galaxy with ‘Mercury’, their first album since signing with Season of Mist. And while lead single “Öpik-Oort” shoots past the 10-minute mark, it’s not a slow burn by any means. Riffs and cymbals collide like meteors, falling away beneath twinkling synths and strings that swirl with the same gravitational pull as the rings of Saturn.   
Watch the video for “Öpik-Oort” HERE.

‘Mercury’ is out September 15 on Season of Mist. Pre-order the album HERE. Pre-save the album HERE.

1. Öpik-Oort (12:33) [WATCH]
2. Eclipse (10:38) 
3. Sunshine (08:57) 
4. Caloris Basin (08:43) 
5. Uranometria (15:27) 
Total 56:18 

Style: Atmospheric extreme metal
FFO: Ne Obliviscaris, Opeth, Persefone, Dysrhythmia

Psygnosis started in 2009, when Rémi Vanhove began to gather all of his musical influences into one entity. The first solo EP, “Phrases”, was released in June 2009 and laid the foundation for Psygnosis: atmospheric extreme metal, with hints of electronic music. While he continued to program the drums himself, Rémi then recruited a second guitarist, a bassist and a singer.  

The first Psygnosis album, ‘Anti-Sublime’ was released in January 2012, which built on the sound of the initial EP. The band released another EP in 2013 (‘Sublimation’) followed by their second album in 2014. ‘Human Be[ing]’ showed signs of maturity with tighter songwriting and more complex structures.  

In 2015, Psygnosis underwent an extraordinary change. Not only did they decide to become a purely instrumental band, they also recruited cellist Raphaël Verguin. This peculiar configuration recorded the EP ‘AAliens’, followed by ‘Neptune’, an ambitious, hour-long opus that stretched all the way out to the edges of the Solar System.  

The pandemic gave Psygnosis more time to work on their new album. While more subtle and accomplished, ‘Mercury’ upholds the Vanhove’s original intention: mixing nervous metal riffs, blast beats and atmospheric ambience into a music that’s as intense as it is emotional.     

Thomas Crémier (Drums, Sound Engineer) 
Elise Masliah (Guitar) 
Rémi Vanhove (Guitar, Sound Design) 
Raphaël Verguin (Cello)

Cello recorded by Raphaël Verguin
All other instruments recorded by Thomas Crémier at SoundBlast Studios

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Thomas Crémier

Cover art designed by Okiko


Available formats
CD Digipack
Digital download
2X12″ Vinyl Gatefold
2X12″ Vinyl Gatefold (Orange transparent)
2X12″ Vinyl Gatefold (Yellow transparent)