Punk Legends Dayglo Abortions Release “Sacks of Meat” track, premiere via Brutal Planet Magazine!

Canadian Punk Legends Dayglo Abortions release the fourth single – “Sacks of Meat” from their upcoming album “Hate Speech” and premiere via Brutal Planet Magazine.  the track can be heard here: 

Murray adds – This song describes how we are programmed essentially from berth to never reach our full potential. Our education dummies us down and punishes us for creativity, free thought, and individuality. All of the mainstream media has been co-opted by governments and the corporations that own them, and it keeps hammering the message home. Obey, don’t question authority. If an opinion attempts to contradict the official narrative it is labelled “fake news” and called a conspiracy theory. Now we are being aggressively divided down into smaller and smaller groups of people that all think and act the same. When I was young, punk rock was a celebration of our individuality. Originality was the most desirable character trait. Now if you show any variation from the norm in your social group you are rejected and if you attempt to question anything you will be viciously attacked. Don’t be fooled by so-called progressive liberals segregating us into groups of oppressors and the oppressed. It’s purpose is to make us hate each other. There is nothing progressive about their ideas. They are neo-liberal corporate slaves with the same goals as the worst of the neo-cons that gave us the war on terrorism. They are the terrorists. We should be building a world where race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion are irrelevant, where Martin Luther King’s dream that his grandchildren will be judged only by their actions can be finally realized.

This album is dedicated to the people that helped us make it. Scott Bennet and Scott Henderson, for essentially talking me into making it, then offering their studio (the lap of luxury) so we could do the pre-praductlon Work while in the middle of Covid-19 induced lock-downs. Then Rob lawless, and Terry Paholek, for allowing us io Invade their studio (The physics lab) in Edmonton Alberta, and for the brilliant work the did making it sound so good. Next is Matt Jak and Sherry Benson, and family, for inviting us into their home and putting us up in Edmonton. And finally Tyson Cale Boyd and the people at The Starlight for putting on the show that paid our travel expanses. Well why the fuck stop there, The Edmonton Jak’s for always rocking out with us, and all of you for supporting through the years. Cheers to all of you.

Dayglo Abortions are:
Murray (The cretin) Acton – guitar, lead vocs.
Matt Fiorito – guitar, backup vocals.
Blind Marc – Drums. Mike Jak – guitar.
Scott Henderson – bass guitar
Rob Lawless – Drums on smart food
Matt Jak & Carmen Jak – backup vocals.
Terry Paholek – fact checking & debunking.

Recorded at the Physics Lab in Edmonton AB.
Recorded by Rob Lawless and Terry Paholek mixed by Terry Paholek and Rob lawless, mastered by Terry Paholek, Produced by The Dayglo Abortions and Rob Lawless.

Connect with Dayglo Abortions:

https://www.facebook.com/Dayglo-abortions-home-109396324635204/ https://murraythecretinacton.bandcamp.com/music
https://twitter.com/Daygloabortions?t=0iCUreiXOWWgfbEj6Z7D4Q&s=09 https://open.spotify.com/artist/2fEqVfZQlonThMQxpWg2HM?si=97op38QYRmyD17McIdmcBA&utm_source=copy-link


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