PYREXIA Unleashes New Lyric Video “Purging the Nemesis”

25th Anniversary Re-Recorded Edition of “System of The Animal” Out June 2023

Photo Credit – Jim Wertman

In 1997, Long Island, NY’s Pyrexia unleashed one of their OSDM classic records “System of The Animal”. Set to unleash a re-recorded 25th-anniversary edition of the album with its current band lineup that consists of Chris Basile (Guitar), Shaun Kennedy (Bass), Jim Beach (Vocals), and John Glassbrenner (Drums), the punishing brutal death metallers are sharing a new lyric video for the track “Purging the Nemesis” via their Youtube at

and Spotify –

Band co-founder and guitarist Chris Basile adds about the track:

​”This track is probably the most ferocious on the album. Pure Brutal Death Metal Vintage 1997. Only this time you can hear the riffs and feel the drums.”

The 25th Anniversary edition of “System of The Animal 25” was recorded at Chapel Sound on Long Island, NY, and was mixed and mastered at Demigod Studios by Miguel Tereso. With “System of the Animal 25”Pyrexia provides the blueprint for OG Brutality. It’s fierce, angry, and in your face. This album will not leave your playlist. So put on your moshing shoes for this one. Heads will be banging and elbows flying.

“This album was ahead of its time in 1997. I don’t think a lot of people were ready for such a mix of Brutal Death Metal VS. Beatdown Hardcore. When people hear this material with the production we put together with Demigod Studio, combined with the fact that the music was written in the mid-90s. I think it puts Pyrexia in a whole new light for a lot of people. I think the songwriting is really going to stand out for listeners bored with bands that put out the same album over and over.” says Basile.

“System of the Animal 25” is due out on June 6th, 2023 via the band’s label Gravitas Entertainment.

Album pre-order (CD, Vinyl) is available at

Lyric Video for re-recorded “Unscathed” –

Track Listing:
1. Confrontation
2. Downsized
3. System of the Animal
4. Closure
5. Purging the Nemesis
6. Day One
7. Unscathed
8. G.F.Y.S. (Go Fuck Your Self)

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Band formation: 1990 – present
Location: Long Island, New York

1987-1989: Chris Basile joins the band Mortuary along with Terrence Hobbs, Doug Cerrito, and Mike Smith, all of Suffocation. Together over 30 songs were written by the band and many of the songs and riffs written during this time appear on both Pyrexia and Suffocation’s early releases leading to many comparisons.

1990: Basile meets up with the four other original members Guy Marchais, Rob Shimonski, Daryl Wagner and Mike Andrejko, and Pyrexia is formed. They go on to release their 1991 demo Liturgy of Impurity and later the classic 1993 Full-length Sermon of Mockery, cementing their place in the anoles of Death Metal history……

Pyrexia continued to release one seminal release after another including their 1997 “System of the Animal”, and even teaming up with Trevor Peres of Obituary in 1999 to form the band “Catastrophic” which went on to release their debut album on Metal Blade records.

In 2007 the band signed with Unique Leader Records and began an extensive campaign of touring and performing both in America and overseas in support of the next three albums released under the UL moniker that continues today.

With the addition of Gravitas Entertainment and Management as full-time management for the band, the schedule and team in place for 2023 have the band set for new heights…..


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