Rämlord – From Dark Waters

Album Review By Rainer Kerber


The Finns Rämlord were founded in Helsinki in 2010. From guitarists Jarno Anttila, Tommi Kanerva, drummer Janne Mannonen and bass player Niko Karppinen. All four previously played in other Finnish bands such as Impaled Nazarene, Legenda, Terveyskeskus or YUP. And this quartet still forms the backbone of Rämlord. There was only a change in the position of the microphone. For a small metal band this is an amazing constancy. So far, two singles and a mini LP have been released. So it was time for the album debut. And this will be released in March under the name “From Dark Waters”.

Anyone who has thought of a sound like Motörhead because of the umlauts “ä” in the band name will soon be taught otherwise. Rämlord rather indulge in 80s heavy metal / hard rock. Very melodic, with rocking melody and catchy choruses. And an excellent singer who celebrates rocking, clear vocals. Classic heavy metal also means that you don’t dwell on an epic intro, but rather really goes to the limits with “Love Of The Damned”. This song could also be in the program of every rock radio station. “Dark Waters” is a little reminiscent of Black Sabbath. Both melodic and vocal. Sure, Tommi Kanerva doesn’t quite get the voice of Ozzy and the guitars are not that deep, but the musicians hold up the flag of the doome-heavy metal. With “Haunting All Over The World” rocking straightforward. Again, the catchy chorus that invites you to sing along is worth mentioning. Then a class guitar solo. So the hard rock classic would be finished. “Blindfolded” starts balladesk, but soon turns into a mid-tempo rocker. “Hell Is Here And Now!” is harder again. Nomen est omen? Not quite, at least the chorus is a bit closer to the mainstream. Even if it is a little faster in between, you are definitely not in hell. At the very end, “To The Battle” makes it still a hymn.

The Finns have released a good-quality debut album here. Deeply rooted in the metal of the 80s. Even if they haven’t reinvented this genre, they do set some accents. The compositions are varied, and listening is fun from start to finish. And if music is just entertaining, that’s really nice. Friends of classic hard rock should definitely take a listen.

Rämlord – Dark Waters: https://youtu.be/9FHT6tsxSZM


Jarno Anttila – Guitars
Janne Mannonen – Drums, Backing Vocals
Timo Salmenkivi – Vocals
Tommi Kanerva – Guitars
Niko Karppinen – Bass

Label: Inverse Records

Out: March 27th, 2020

Playing time: 38:21

Track list:

  • Love Of The Damned
  • Dark Waters
  • Haunting All Over The World
  • Blindfolded
  • Chained God
  • Hell Is Here And Now!
  • Non Serviam
  • To The Battle

Rating : 8/10

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